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  1. Thank you all for your feedback and advice so far! I realized fairly quickly things like Washington quarters, Lincoln pennies, Roosevelt dimes, Jefferson nickels, most of the foreign coins, etc. weren't going to be worth anything so I stopped looking at them individually and just looked up "key years" to see if any of those were present. The few that are "key" don't seem to be extremely rare or anything like that anyway though, and most are reasonably worn. And all the silver proof sets seem to have been pretty widely circulated so I didn't expect them to be worth much more than their melt v
  2. Hi all--I'm sure you probably get tons of questions like this, so I just wanted to say thank you in advance for any help or guidance anyone is willing to give! My in-laws recently passed away and in the progress of cleaning out their house, we discovered a decently sized coin collection my father-in-law had been keeping over the years. I've spent a considerable amount of time going through sorting and cataloging into a spreadsheet all the coins in the collection and now we're looking to sell what we can to hopefully get back a little money to fix up their house to sell it. Most of what he c