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  1. Well atleast you found one................geesh i am thinking of getting a second job at the 7 - 11
  2. Its a southern thing.. those Yakees just wont understand....... hahahahahah
  3. Boy that got me all ....... you better be careful they are cancelling your type!! come n here spouting off ol Shakespear and stuff............... the shame they will put you through.........
  4. 10 - 4 to that.. get a whitman tri-fold they are the blue ones. dont go with a good Dansco or anything like that.
  5. It is of latin decent. they do not have a "U" in latin so they use the "V" so blame it on the Romans!
  6. I would say those star notes are worth about $10 each. i would get some holder to keep them in they look pretty much UNC from the same pack
  7. If you would like to keep it i would get a blue whitman tri fold and stick her in there. they are fun to have but they will not purchase the farm for you. well unless you have a few million of them.
  8. to me it looksd like the reverse has been hollowed out and substitued with a real wheat back..If you look at the rims they look like two concentric circles ......... just what i see....
  9. shes pretty ........looks like she was replated.
  10. AH 1984.....I barely rememeber that year...2 of my favorite pastimes baseball and coins. I think it will make a lovely gift for anyone.