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  1. The only thing you can do if u have a coin worth $500 and say it sells at auction for $20 is cancel the sale. More than likely you are still going to be forced to pay final value fees and you will get a negative seller rating from the winning bidder which is really bad because nobody will buy coins from someone with a bad seller rating. But you are correct this forum probably isn’t the best place to ask this question because in all of your other post here you are not willing to listen to anyone!
  2. Here’s the coin out of its flip, it’s definitely not been polished.
  3. I seen on NGC website they consider green slime to be an altered surface due to the fact they cannot see what lies beneath the obstruction. I got the green slime off now I’m gonna send it to pcgs and at least if it still comes back altered it will be slabbed.
  4. Though it is bitter sweet I got my subs back today, my 1876 trade dollar came back as altered surfaces. I’m happy it’s a type 2/2 though.which is extremely rare. I Put it under a scope and found some green slime in between the dentils so I am assuming that’s why it came back altered.
  5. Just to give you some insight on roll hunting and how lucrative it can be, while this is no life changing amount of money, I search rolls of Sacajawea dollars on a daily basis about 10-12 rolls a day and found two not to long ago that has errors. They sold yesterday on eBay for $700. I had only $2 investment for that return. And I’ll take that money and buy graded rare coins if I can buy them for 60-70% of they’re value. I’ll Never pay more than 80% unless it’s top pop and highly sought after variety. But 60-70 for me is key and that leave me room for profit.
  6. Beings that you are new I highly suggest you keep your money, coin collecting is a harsh game and before you learn the ins and outs your going to lose money. And since you only have $600 you obviously don’t have the money to start in this roller coaster of a venture. Start really small and only buy graded coins. For every authentic coin out there is a thousand fakes. Read, research, read again and when your done read and research some more. Never stop learning this is a very unforgiving game and all it takes is one wrong move on the wrong coin before there is no turning back and then you lose
  7. I know def. of population I’ve just never heard of the term peer. Ty for teaching me something
  8. The reason I asked is I know the difference it I seen this one on pcgs app and there is no contrast difference between the fields and devices, which made me question what the heck I’ll ask. Can u all maybe explain why this one was deemed scam?
  9. Bought it for $3.12 on eBay 🎰 with free shipping as well.
  10. I have this 1959 P Washington quarter. Do you all think it’s MS, Cameo Proof, or a Deep Cameo Proof? Thanks