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  1. Hi Ali, just checking my request hasn’t dropped off the list. Many thanks
  2. Hi, Currently under the category "Half Sovereigns Type Set, George III - Elizabeth II, Proof" the 1989 half sovereign is categorised as "Elizabeth II, Crowned Head 1985-1997", 1989 was actually a stand alone special year and entirely different obverse and should have its own slot and the type set should allow for both 1989 and what was the standard obverse for the period 1985 to 1997. For example: Standard obverse for period: 6028337-014 1989 special year: 5841616-016 May thanks for your help! Hades.
  3. Hi @Ali E., appreciate this probably in the wrong area for the request but I wasn't sure where to put it, it seems the wrong photos are up in the registry against my freshly graded 1/2 sovereign ( 6028298-003). Looks like a straight mix up with the phots from another 1/2 sovereign (6028298-004). Just need swapping over! Thank you
  4. Hi, did this request get added to the queue? many thanks.
  5. Hi, my proof 1/2 sovereign 5744152-001, is coming up under the proof 1 Sov category rather than the proof 1/2 category so it is going into the wrong sets. Can it be moved to where it should be please? many thanks
  6. Can I request a new slot please to the set "Half Sovereigns Type Set, George III - Elizabeth II, Proof", the latest "Elizabeth II, Tiara, 1998 - Date" runs 1998 - Date, but there was a head change in 2015, a new slot is needed for the latest crowned head. In 2015 there were proofs with both heads, 2016 was a one off special on the proof only but the head continued from 2017 to date. for reference see: Tiara head (1998 - 2015): 6027697-049 Latest crowned head: (2015 - Date): 4514740-010