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  1. I gotta get a scale.they just don't look like zinc cent
  2. I've to 1983 pennies as you can see they definitely look like they are on two different coin planchet. I don't know much I trying to figure out what they can be. If they are era or anything in that nature.well I will wait for reply or information.thank you
  3. I found three 1982 pennies on the back they look like they was craven to see if they was zinc or copper can anyone tell p 1982 is copper I can see that.if I had a scale lol.
  4. Oh ok 👍. what makes them turn that way? also thank you
  5. Ok thanks 👍 an I will take some close up
  6. You're so found his 1977-d Penny . Very odd coloring D / D over S covering mint mark.can anyone tell me about this coin has anyone seen something like this that look like it's on a different coin planchet well I appreciate all reply to response to thank you
  7. Thanks guys. I was just thinking because the words seem to be swelling or spreading .I thought it was a doubled Liberty I thought it was a die break.
  8. Good morning to all. I don't know much about double die but is this a double die1948 d . also it looks like a die crack as well.well I will wait to see what happens:)