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  1. GM 🌞.I came across these nice looking 1960D /small /large.tell me what you guys think, Because when I think it's something it always wrong I will wait an hear from you guys an thanks for all your help and replys
  2. GM 🌞.I was just checking over Lincoln cent.when I noticed that Lincoln head , which is coming through the memorial building clearly and his now tie can be seen at the edge of the left side bottom corner building.didnt want to post a pic yet.sorry just wanted to make sure their clear picture,Also because of a heavy over working die clash.that also caused a bad die lamination break, causing old coinage to clash with the new over worked die.if I'm even saying right lol.anyway . even the coin planchet looks off almost like a reddish brick color.i didn't want to be rude,so I only placed what I find
  3. GM 🌞. to all . first my apologies to Just Bob.i just wanted to learn when things apply and why and how not in some matters.the surface of the coin has risen, to which as some of swelling causing the date to have appearance of a large date to me my opinion.because of old coinage, that in this case causing the PM Damaged.looking at the 2 .where just as the 2 curving, leftovers of coinage breakage4 minute rule to make it look wider but it's not if you look in between the two willikers you receive that's another piece of metal or debris causing that affect.yes could be a large date! However it's s
  4. Please sir.i didn't say that to offend you at all .
  5. No disrespect Just Bob.that don't do not look anything what I have
  6. So now it's like trying to tell me that dates are ✋ punched to? Because I'm trying to understand how when broken Post work with somethings and not others? That's all guys not fighting or arguing with you.i really want to know
  7. So yes I seen that many asking when do it matter,why or how do it matter in cases such as such? You see clearly that 2 is covered by a 3 .or is there D/S .so what's going on with my date here ?
  8. Ok let's say if it is a large date! Mind you that there is a 3 clearly visible, which will give it the large date appearance .or I guess you going to say that don't matter
  9. I'm glad you said that.because now a question would tell what matters and when it matter! I the second part of pictures the second photo,tell me that carry no weight of how the 3 looks more on top of the 2 ? An large date came out with a small 2 date in it? Because what I was taught and learned by some of tell the difference by that 2 .so I'm here to be corrected.
  10. Now let me see if I'm saying it 😂 right.on the date of 1982.note .the post broken during die compression, even the polished 3 has welded around the 2 which caused the bend and twist a deform2..on the bottom right handed of the D you can see the detail of the S of the mint mark.oh one 👌 thing. As you can see how the 8 looks a little wider? Well if you take focus on the date the 8 which was cleaned up and polished,so that the old coinage couldn't show up.well as you can see it left traces of the old 3 . that is why the 8 seems somewhat wider.
  11. Yes I believe I came across something very rare.let me know what you guys think about it please.i have more better picture, thank you to the lady Karen,👍 .so I'm waiting to really reveal some pictures of this Rare 1982D/S oh yes small copper date or should I wait an show a 1933
  12. Thank you 😊👍 an to all a blessed day
  13. No sir! I picked it because I thought it was close to the pictures,of the#1one doubled die 1966 fs .101
  14. My apologies it was a misprint of 1972 it was a 1962 no mm
  15. Hey guys just wanted to see what you think of these Lincoln 1962D and one 1972 no mint mark,as well with one nice 1966 no mint mark.i don't want to say what I see.i get more from information of what other people see, so that I'm not just saying dumb things.i do appreciate all reply.thank you
  16. GM 🌞 to all.well I have this 1944 D cent,I would like to get others opinion on what they think and see in this 1944D . with amazing character.;) It's a lot going on around the date and mint mark.a number is clearly visible under the last 4 in the date .let me know what you guys safe and enjoy your day
  17. I'm hoping that these pictures are better.