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  1. so yes it's a 43 d/s
  2. Get ready to rewrite that about the only 1943D to exist! Yes it's the only one in that grade. Lol ! Yes sir πŸ‘.now I see why y'all are Mad πŸ˜‰
  3. Not mad πŸ˜‰πŸ‘chump Trenton makes the world takes it .
  4. See one minute oh that's a great coin to graded and it's very beautiful toned .lol then when that it was a actually 1943d/s things changed lmao πŸ˜‚
  5. Don't worry! Lmao πŸ˜‚ I won't tell y'all are liars.
  6. Don't worry I can show you better than y'all πŸ˜‰ telling me! Oh an this shall revised by Saturday
  7. Well that we already know! See how y'all just go around in circles? ,,πŸ˜€πŸ‘
  8. Now see the entrapment? 1943 is stamped in the back of Lincoln head .you already see it,so I don't have to tell you where to look .well I guess the people can see it to picture don't lie.he said what about the 142AD . look at it right! I'm sure you won't say that to me again πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ not 142 AD it's 1943 D trailing over his head.still waiting
  9. look they talk about the plaster the damaged but let's not forget when it's come from the MINT itself .it already have a special coating that give it to shine so when It start slowly deteriorating what happens to it becomes the plaster
  10. Hey well we waiting for your reply? Because the viewers are getting larger numbers
  11. You see the problem is that it's a circulating coin,.yet the real factor is a 1943 D hasn't never been found and because of it's been in circulation they don't want to be in the condition that its in πŸ‘cool got it.
  12. They say a little boy,that found a rare penny in his with that being said, meanwhile it's bouncing around in the lunchbox .but! It's worth millions of dollars.i just Said I had one πŸ‘Œ, didn't say it's better than the holy Grail.Nope! Knowing it's already considered damaged.i just wanted seen if I one that was verify to put in the coin book album.. notice the title said help me identify..he gave it away when you said knowing the date won't give it any value I didn't even say anything about the date! πŸ˜‰Read back I'm sure the post can't lie .lol
  13. Well we are waiting! Because most of you can tell when a coin is on or off it's coin planchet .so how you respond to me about this coin show Lot! So let the public find out the NGC show's shows racism towards the net public of coins being produce.hey don't they all come from the same Mint? Please tell the public your feeling's towards the public net coin production πŸ‘
  14. See I even said I wasn't going to get it graded.still y'all keep coming at me! So ok let's make this Livestream.Because one thing here that hasn't been said, well it let's me know I'm on the right track lol.why Don't you get a image of a 1943.see where the date belong at an also the angle of the 3 and the 4 is why is proceeding the way it do..,πŸ˜€ I'm trying to understand that they can point all that out! bit can't see the 1943 even die that you seen just the AD:) what you see now spell it all out . Look people he's going to wish he never went to Lincoln head.πŸ‘as you see I did say th
  15. I love the walking dead πŸ˜‰ just the ones who thinks they arent dead and smart!
  16. Why do you think people don't care about the grading scale system? As long as they get what they paid for that's what matters to them! You have coins worth thousands in slabs rotting away.But you want to show the public that my coin is ! Well please I'm begging you to!
  17. Note! My next move is the coin shop dealer, so mind you! Because you want to run your mouth! And you are a representative of NGC.i will put that on video so please come on tell me it's Not A1943D/s . stamped over a 1753 v-cion . I Dare You πŸ˜‚.So I can prove you are wrong!
  18. The viewers are watching now ! So can you please tell us why when he answered you with the 142AD .and also the BU , uncirculated rolls you didn't respond back to? All coins damaged even from the Mint! Why did they before you came up with the grading scale that the coin with the less amount of damaged is praise glorify.well come on since you guys seems to have a problem with this . Don't all talk at once πŸ˜‰
  19. Why are y'all entertaining this πŸ˜‚ troll? The Question should be Asking is If his wrong then why are you worry about and if his Right then what's your problem πŸ‘
  20. Since you put that way! 412 AD .the numbers and letters are which are placed an order to form the images to t the area of the field of the coin .that what gives it creation .so I'm learning right here .in other words! That right there tell you the coin already damaged,so by the Mint adding and buffing as you say well a nother coin has been restored .so by already markings from all coins before it becomes the date that it is now
  21. Well as I said I didn't make the coin,an once more anything before 1982. Well it was real copper,so yes all coins was stamped over some just was showing more impressions than as for making something up No sir πŸ‘! Oh about the bump on the head .well one thing is for sure,we have took chances on alot things that didn't work out.did that stop some of the great collectors?An I never said you said it was! However what I did say.was when you replied to my post,then how come nothing was said to a very highly respected person..I was done with it,I had dropped it back in the water jug
  22. Hey did I say 1943S ? Did I had to say in the form you see it .1943D/s πŸ˜‰.the picture is clearly seen how the numbers that you can't see are there with doubled die trail.besides we know what numbers are new and what's old on the I can see why you don't want me to.a 1943 D/S never been found.also sir they have graded coins in much worst condition than this .so come on tell us some more on why this isn't what it appears to be! Well we waiting..
  23. Look you can the 19.but you can't see the 43 yet all numbers are in the same condition wow come on you guys really