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  1. Hi Revenant, Thanks for reading my journal entry! It took some doing to put this information together and I think the auction data is complete. There are additional pedigree details that I didn't include and those are more difficult to come by. I bought these coins back in 2000 when values weren't nearly as high. Since then several more matte proofs have surfaced and their popularity has grown. I liked peace dollars for their historical significance, but was really attracted to them artistically. They seem to fit well into the Art Deco style of the 1920's. I started collecting them a
  2. 1922 High Relief Matte Proof Peace Dollars Known Examples (DW2020) 1) Matte PR66, type 2, NGC, 912198-009. Heritage Numismatics private sale to the author, April 2000. Zerbe specimen, also known as the RARCOA specimen. Picture attached. 2) Matte PR66, type 1, NGC, 1634739-001. Heritage Numismatic auction, April 2002, lot 4354, $51,750. Norweb specimen. 3) Matte PR65, type 1, NGC, 1274863-003. Pinnacle Rarities private sale to the author, November 2000. Rhodes-Mormon-Breen specimen. Picture attached. 4) Matte PR67, type 1, NGC, 1727946-051. Heritage Numismatics auction,