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  1. My comment sounded dumb, no I get it. Lack of grade below Ms not much value in it.
  2. I may be able to get a closer view, so deterioration die dubbing is a negative of value on variety?
  3. Need help! 1950-D Maybe first discovery DDO In GOD WE TRUST I can not find anything on this quarter, What do you think? Also possible dubbing on reverse, what do you think I'm in need of a more experienced collector. Appreciate any opinion or advice.
  4. Thank you guys very much I see I get it, thanks! It's more of n appearance of appeal then error .thanks.
  5. The bowtie seems to be missing it's part and the collar seems to extend farther then intended.? The corner of the month is unusual compared by some factor that I can't describe. The ear has a collie flower or hart type cavity? Any help is appreciated and constructive criticism of lack of knowledge is appreciated.
  6. I have enquired this 1983-P cent, die crack in head hair but also ,I am curious if this cent has some kind of design error to it. Need help from a more educated and experienced coin collector . Area of notice Mouth Ear Bowtie
  7. Why so serious joker, the question was would this coin come back just labeled cleaned and corroded ignoring the variety.. I ask because I've seen coins label clean but had variety to it, I was wondering if that was because straight grade without asking of its variety.? Thank you for your experience and long time education in this madder.
  8. Ok, I see I presented this coin to the treasure hunters looking for the lottery coin. Here is a coin dead and buried for over a hundred years resurrected with all its wounds. Finds someone that appreciates its experience and hardship, yes it's not shiny or sparkly it has aged over the years and survived the elements for decades , Pierced with a metal rod at birth and lefted for dead. This coin has art, beauty and character. People that like shiny things are shallow. JUST Kidding, Kind of ...reverse Notice the double struck lines on the One
  9. Why is that? Is it not a rarity to have a wire struck through a coin from 1918, not so much for grade but authenticity.
  10. I have this coin 1918 dime that was probably dug up from the ground and cleaned, I feel it should grade VG, it also has some variety to it. has a wire bristle struck through it, can be seen but might be mistaken for dark spot, recognition with magnification. (Eyebrow and ear area) 2. Dubbed date My concern is ,would this coin be just labeled corroded and cleaned with variety ignored ?