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  1. It’s definitely up there. Unless the MM is touching any of the devices there’s not a premium. Hand punched MM. Pretty neat though. I have one just like this I found awhile back.
  2. I just casually asked where they send all their coins and my bank friend said "The Federal Reserve".... I've never really looked into this but they obviously send them somewhere that wraps coin rolls a whole lot tighter than that kid down the street that dove into his piggybank, or his dad's collection..., and threw them into brown paper rolls and tucked in the ends. Edit- Some of my best finds have been from "that kid" who cashed in his (or his dad's) brown bag Linc rolls at the local Stop and Rob for a few Washington greenbacks.....
  3. This brings me to a long debated/wondering question of mine. Over the years I have found dozens, if not hundreds, of flat zinc/galvanized flat washers in bank wrapped Linc rolls. Not your homemade coin rolls in the brown paper bag type material sold at Wally World, but the real deal rolls straight from the bank. When I take my useless change back to my bank to run through their coin counting machine (a few of the zinc flat washers have found their way back into my cull pile but I typically keep and use them for home and work projects....) their machine always kicks them out and they "gladly
  4. Welcome to Schedule II..........
  5. Hello Carlos B. Here is an informative link from Error-Ref regarding Die Deterioration Doubling (DDD). I have another external link on my computer at home with some great visuals but can’t remember it at the moment but will try to add it here later. DDD, MD, etc… can be exhibited in many different fashions. The internet is your best friend for researching errors, varieties and other things that are worthless doubling. Just spend some time learning the different types of machine doubling, DDD, and so forth and it will better prepare you with knowledge and insight into what to look for and what
  6. Thanks for that link DWLange. I have to agree it's definitely the S/D. The underlying serif you see is definitely a D. Not only in comparison to the pics on the supplied link here, VV, and the OP's coin, but the bottom serif of the D is too pronounced and more triangular shaped which is not consistent with any lower serifs every produced on an S mint mark which are more "bulb" or "tear-drop" shaped. Just my take on the matter..... Nice find!
  7. Oh.. Sorry, thought you were asking what an attribution was..... Listen to JKK on this stuff!!!! (open mouth, insert that is..)
  8. An attribution (in my best terminology and explanation) is a number assigned to any specific coin that defines certain aspects or characteristics of that individual coin in question. A lot of coins, especially those dating back to this time frame, have slightly different nuances, details, devices, something a little off here, something a little off there, etc (they didn't quite have CNC machines and computer automated drawings back in B.C. and all the dies were completely handmade)...... you get my point. So when a coin is attributed it is given a specific label, number, etc.... so that colle
  9. Ok..... I feel like I just received a PhD here in ancients......holy cow!!! That is some absolutely excellent info JKK and thank you so very much for taking your time to compose this list of your knowledge. Much appreciated and I'm going to somehow save and bookmark all of this.
  10. Hey JKK. As with the OP, I too am also trying to learn more about ancients as they have sparked my interest lately. Always been a Linc error and variety fanatic myself. What online sources would you, or any of you ancient professionals, recommend to use to attribute ancient coins? I know both the OP and myself would appreciate any input. I did notice the exact same variation you speak of which threw up a red flag on this one for me but I was not able to find the attribution listing you mentioned, S-1857, to compare the OP's coin to. Seems like these coins are all over the map when it comes
  11. Sharann.... It's ok, I promise! De-nile is not just a river in Egypt (hopeful you or someone else will get that).
  12. Don't be going off now on 'Ricky Bobby'........ LOL!!!!! He was the best race car driver in the history of racing. (At least in the movies)
  13. Sorry, trouble editing here....... I thought oxycodone would be a better, better, I mean better remedy...... remedy........