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  1. I just bought this for my son for 20$. It's a silver peso. Did I get ripped??
  2. Hey all. I got this 64 d silver in change at the gas station. It's in really good shape. Does the condition add any value?
  3. I previously posted a serial number and you guys seemed to get a kick out of it so... Here's a couple more. What y'all think. Are they rare? The bills are in rough shape.
  4. Thanks! I'm still gonna keep it for reference.
  5. I found this 2020 dime. It has a two rough spots on it. On in the hair and one on the eyebrow. Possible cud?
  6. Check this out guys. This is what it actually is. I was just concerned about the coin. The whole thing is in good shape. Any info?
  7. Hey all. Is this the one worth more than 50c?? Lol. My son got this from his great grandpa.
  8. I know this isn't a coin, but does anyone know anything about cereal numbers? And if so is this a rare one?
  9. I found this 68 D. It's in very good shape and has some odd features. The bust of Lincoln is raised abnormally higher than other 68's I have. It's very shiny still for a 68. Maybe some doubling on the date and around the bust.
  10. I'm not sure what this is. My son traded it at school for a two dollar bill. Is it valuable??
  11. Is this worth anything? It has writing on the edges.
  12. I found this 82 P. Looks like it is mint damage. Possible errors? Very odd. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Is there doubling on the D and 5s?