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  1. Is there doubling on the D and 5s?
  2. Check out this 1987. Doubling on the date and the D and on trust. Looks doubled on the back as well. In America. Is it valuable?
  3. Here's the pic of the penny in the middle of two normal ones. I don't have scales yet. I'm thinking it should weigh more than a normal one.
  4. It's thick enough to stand up like a nickel.
  5. Check out this 1972. It has a nickel like rim and is thick as a nickel. I hope the pics help.
  6. Great! The next question. Is it worth more than one cent? If it is a floater.
  7. I also found this 49 wheat. The four looks like it may be doubled.
  8. Here's a 1969 D I found in the same box the bronzed penny was in. Is it a floating roof?
  9. Darn! Lol. Thanks for the knowledge. I found a couple more pennies I have a question about. I'll make a new post for them.
  10. I found this in a 25$ box of pennies. It's not paint. It's actually the metal. I have no clue. Any information would be great.
  11. I'm wondering about the nose, forehead and chin. Any info would be great. Thanks.
  12. Awesome! Thank you for your time and expertise.
  13. Here's a pic of the front and back.
  14. Awesome!!! What's the value on this?