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  1. Looking to buy Cuban coins and currency. Eisenhower coins from anywhere, (from US, proof sets, unc sets, mint sets, 1970s, or the 1990). WWII Commemoratives from anywhwere. Proof sets before 1955, already have a 1937. TIA.
  2. HA makes you register if you want to look at realized prices. I registered a month ago or so and haven't participated in any auction yet. Couldn't believe how many emails they send, sadly they're in my spam filter so I'll never get any more emails from them.
  3. Being newer to the hobby than most, and living in the Northeast, I think the hobby is doing well or strong. I'm a member of 3 clubs and they have between 20 to 50 active members in each. There are two monthly shows that I attend that are always busy, admittedly, 1 had less dealers during my visit last month, and the second has their first show this weekend. The local bi-monthly auction is well attended and realizes good prices. If these people are all chasing financial rewards, the hobby is in much better shape. If they're collecting because they enjoy it, the hobby seem
  4. Please let me know year, condition, price. THanks!
  5. I thought this was about the panama pill, which I'm looking to get one for my nephew.
  6. Is the 1858 Large Cent considered a pattern coin?
  7. Possible to leave the prices up on the ones that sold?
  8. While I'm sure there have been other similar threads in the past 11.5 years, I found this one. Curious as to how much things have changed/stayed the same. As I'm new to the hobby, I don't have the frame of reference.
  9. From my perspective, I've seen some people want the different packaging, and paperwork examples, and other people just want the coin. I guess if you like the packaging, then yes, it's worth collecting, if you don't care then just buy the coin. If you're buying to resell later for a profit, then no, they're not worth collecting.
  10. Quarters in circulation were no longer silver after 1964, so it seems odd to me.
  11. There were several $5 gold coins too, perhaps the sets selling for thousands are b/c they have gold? I just picked up the discus commemorative at a local club meeting last night, all original packaging, still in the same condition as when minted, for $15. A couple others went for the same. You might be able to get melt value, but unless you have the gold I don't think this is a high demand item.
  12. Don't really have any, so send me what you have and how much you want. Also willing to trade. I live near Philly/Wilmington DE., and would be willing to meet if that's easier for you.