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  1. All I know is that my collection of fake Morgan dollars that my wife bought on line when I first got into numismatics, (she didn't know any better) is going to the garage ready for my grandkids to tack on to the fence post and target practice on. Boiling, uh uh, a crime deterrent from hell for sure.
  2. I usually skip the ones with no punctuations, small cap letters where they don't belong, etc... Sometimes I read a few so called sentences, but it's so distracting I lose focus on what they're trying to convey, and I read a few more sentences for my own amusement.
  3. I don't order from the mint, but I have to say, that is one beautiful coin you have there James Z !!!
  4. Forgot, just kidding by the way. Luckiest man I know, what will you find next, suspenseful.
  5. I contacted your friend, he wants the coin back. He said he knew it was there all along, he was just testing you.
  6. Guess I should've read the whole post closer. A reproduction, my bad.
  7. The second I saw that '55, James, it looked fake and cleaned. Good luck.
  8. Another nice find GBrad, how many have you found over a year later. Still the luckiest roll searcher there is.
  9. Well, SAM was right above my post, now he's gone. I might have been talking to myself, I guess. Regardless, time for a nap and regroup.
  10. You read my mind, Sam. Exactly what I was thinking at the moment, minus what you said.
  11. Being from a beer drinking family, we collect steins. My grandmother who came from the French German border, German side in 1899, insisted we eat sauer kraut to replenish the 'good' bacteria in our stomachs that the alcohol depletes.
  12. Forget it HH, they said I needed to confiscate the machinery used in said crime, I told them there might be some issues pulling that off. LOL
  13. Now I'm going to have to turn you in, defacing a coin like that, Shame on you Hog.