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  1. VKB, come on down to the 'deep South' state, you'll be happy. Hurry!
  2. I attended a funeral in Oklahoma two weeks ago, the father of a good friend of mine passed away. After parking, about two blocks away, I grabbed my mask, and walked to the funeral home. Outside standing were about 50 people, and I finally made my way inside to sign the register book. Outside, no one was wearing a mask. Inside, full to the brim, no masks! I eased my mask off and walked back outside. Found my friend, and inquired about why no one was wearing a mask. He replied with a smile, "Boy, this ain't Dallas." I was waiting for a follow up, but none came, because he was serious. I just shook my head and said I would meet him at his house. ---- The good news is, at his house I told him I was starting to get into numismatics, and he said "Really? I bet I have 6 or 7 hundred K of coins". He retired 3 years ago, had 3 pawn shops from the early 80's thru 2017. In his safe room, guns, loose diamonds, etc. Then he pulled out album after album of $5, $10, and $20 gold. Special ones he saved over the years, and leftovers after selling out the pawn shops. I asked him why none were graded, and all he said was that he just never wanted to, even though he had several bulk submissions of some Morgans and such to be graded over the years so as to sell easier in the shops. The larger shop was one mile from a huge Indian Casino. He said he really kind of forgot he had them, or hadn't given them a thought in a few years, "As a matter of fact on Monday, I better update my will to include these coins, who gets what, hadn't I"? Yes, you should. I couldn't help but do a mental note on dates and denominations, and approximate grades, anticipating getting home and doing research, as I figured he was about right on the '6 or 7' estimation, but on the drive home I realized it just doesn't matter what their monetary value is, he doesn't care, so then I don't. Just another example of what is out there in the raw, and probably will remain, just like in his 20' x 30' 'safe room', with that huge Fort Knox steel door, digital this and that, bells and whistles and buzzers, in a small town in southern Oklahoma. No masks, no graded coins, to each his own I guess. Since he wants them to be 'passed down', I don't guess he's going to leave any to me, because he knows I know my way to the front door of Dallas Heritage Auctions.
  3. Looks real good. Red, White, and Blue from Virginia, all American.
  4. Thanks for the link @Zebo. Under the musical pieces available, Queen and Elton John, that I could see, were the only two modern, pieces offered. I really expected the Beatles to be included, but maybe living in the US I just perceive their importance in musical history differently..
  5. Longhorn saw its shadow today, back to the shade tree. 4 more weeks of hot weather in Texas. Good thing heat kills the 'virus', at least that's what I heard at the casino, and my favorite café, and at the lake yesterday.
  6. Never forget 9/11. Attacking us from all different directions and ways even now. We're strong. God Bless America.
  7. 2nd post, bottom pic. That's my final answer for a while.
  8. Going too fast for me, I'm still reading Renaissance of American Coinage (1916-1921). Luckily, two semesters of speed reading, but........
  9. I've pulled the B and B circus train several times, all opposing trains were in the siding waiting on us, green signals, clear shot, non stop. I can't imagine the priority of a 'gold train'. No way they're going to stop it, hi ball!
  10. Yes, I'm here. I'll be lurking somewhere, ready to ask or comment, mostly just reading posts and learning numismatic stuff. No one really gives a spoon what a beginner has to say, it doesn't take long to figure that out. I'm good with that. Do your thing, I'm watching.
  11. Mostly overpriced for the gold I was looking for. Many were ungraded, probably cleaned, cracked, put in flips, and the handwritten grades were way off. (AU55, maybe a forgiving AU50). A lot of everything tho, fun to browse, just have to be wary like Ebay and everywhere else.
  12. No problem, coincidently I just happened to be upside down, head on the floor and feet in the air when I looked, so it all worked out. Nice find, and good luck.
  13. It's a beautiful piece. My wife walked into the room just as I was looking at it. Now she has to have one like it. Good luck on the research!
  14. Was First coin I ever saved, poker game, 1963. He had about 50 of these, taken from his dads bedroom. Used to carry this in my pocket to flip for heads or tails for several years.