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  1. Bump. I’m still waiting for an answer to this.
  2. Hi Lisa, The cert # for my Apollo 11 coin is 4767570-001. The cert # for the coin mounted in the core I'd like mine to be mounted in is 4955737-011 (grade=PF70).
  3. I have an Apollo 11 50th anniversary coin that came back from NGC mounted in a solid core that really is meant for a thick coin like a piedfort or a high-relief coin. It's an awful core to use for a domed coin, as much of the reverse side is essentially hidden because you're looking down a tube at it. I have seen photos of other Apollo 11 coins mounted in proper cores designed for domed coins, such as this one of s/n 4955737-011 (grade=PF70). I have a pair of Australian domed coins in the same type of core, which is a 3-piece core: the middle piece is essentially a standard Edgeview holder,
  4. I recently acquired an NGC-graded silver panda where the first line of the label reads "2020(G) China S10Y". As I understand NGC's terminology, the (G) indicates that there's no mint mark on the coin, but the mint that produced it has been identified through other means. My question is which mint is the G referring to? I'd also be curious as to how they determined which mint it was.
  5. I believe this is a cud by the buffalo's rear leg? Is this a type of mint error that NGC certifies?
  6. 1. I have a couple of coins I’m thinking of sending in for grading that are commemorative coins purchased from various mints, and which already are encapsulated and in a fancy box with COA (including, among others, the Apollo 11 50th anniversary $1 coin and the Pride of Two Nations set). For coins such as these, should I send just the coin, or all of the packaging?2. Can the Apollo 11 coin be mounted in the holder with the reverse side facing up?