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  1. You could try sending that quarter to some drunk flat earthers on the West Coast and they will give it a DCam Designation. Hahaha You can't silence me forever even if you cancel my posts.
  2. Nice Quarter, I was about to say MS-67 but just realized the competition is over. Nice toning also, it doesn't distract too much from the coin
  3. Ah, The voice of Reason strikes again.
  4. Maybe a long dip in 25% MS70 and Distilled Water would bring it back. Just crossed my mind. Has anyone tried this method
  5. Looks good in the picture but when the TPG grader sees it he's gonna say meh, not sure what to do with this one yet
  6. My 79 has PVC damage, thanks for the tip. I've seen this same PVC damage on a previous coin I had. Strange that it's only on One side. I'm gonna steer clear from the Dips for now
  7. It would probably cost more to have NGC Conserve it than the coin is actually worth, & I cant send it in for grading for fear of a body bag, I sure do hate coins like these, but the price was right and I jumped on it
  8. The Obverse of my 79 was very horribly cloudy, just like you would see when looking at clouds, and has Orange tinge in the corners and hair like it was previously toned. The Reverse is absolutely fine. I soaked it in Acetone for 2 days, left it on my window sill for one day and put it back in Acetone for another day. I blew it off with air and a 25% Improvement. Now it just looks hoaky and fake. Some of the luster & shine is peeking out of the cloudiness where the Acetone did it's job. I was thinking about wholesaling this one out of a flip and letting go. Should
  9. I just found the Cheetos Color funny as if certain people have disdain for it and its plausible that KyCoinKollektor was eating cheetos while handling the coin.
  10. They used a Coin Sniffer and Ray Gun, maybe a Flux Capacitor mounted to a Spectrometer and figured out your really a Coin Doctor
  11. Ty Ty, No I'm not an Elvis Impersonator, the Gig Economy is shut down according to the State's Court Jester. Although i have worked in the Gig Economy before.
  12. You have much to learn....Young Bubblebling, I do not use bluebook
  13. Many try, very few succeed. I recently sold a NGC MS 64 1922 Peace Silver Dollar for 99 usd + Tax and the new coin flipper that bought it just sold it at auction for 75.77. I bought that coin for 14 dollars. The grading fee was double. You have to be a certain way to make it. Traders will mostly fall flat on their nose. I've got a nice 1881 S Morgan that's MS66 with a full Rainbow that I would sell you if you would like a GREAT coin.
  14. Today was Epic, let's keep the Ball rolling ! 2021 is going to be GREAT.
  15. Grade came in....Drumroll....... MS66 now the Fireworks.... 🎇..... and Trophy 🏆
  16. The Obverse got me a little worried though.... what are them little clouds doing there by the A
  17. Submitted this 34mm 1964 SWO-37 NEVADA CENTENNIAL Medal recently as I am the King of Nevada and my pics came back. Keeping my fingers crossed the grade is on the right side of the Chart
  18. How about trying to sell a crockpot first, jeez. I wish Ebay's Return Loss Information could be public so we know what's really going on.
  19. Yeah check it out, I blacked out the Seller Id, I've counted hundreds of these things listings
  20. It could be far fetched but If a new seller was selling a high $ item and waits the 30 Days for Payment he should be able to Dispute the Charge with his bank within 45 days. Thus he gets to keep the Ebay money and the money for the Chargeback along with his imaginary coin because he returned the item. I think This is how Ebay keeps it's seller fees so low for us legitimate sellers.
  21. Ebay is a strange place, I can't understand the amount of buyers I've seen buying 1 Ounce Gold Buffalos on ebay from sellers with (11) feedback and one recent Red Strike on their feedback. It must be some money making scam that I don't understand. A few months ago I found countless low feedback sellers selling 1 Ounce Gold Buffalos. It had to be some kind of scam. There is a seller with 0 feedback right now selling one on Ebay - 14 hours left 2 bids already @ 2025.00 The seller only has 1 item for Sale with 0 Feedback which just happens to be a high value 2020 1 Ounce Buffalo
  22. The advancement in materials today is shocking, All the supplies I had bought to use wasn't available to old timer dudes. Fiberglass, Water proofing, Polyurethanes, Tiles, and High Performance Mortars & Grouts certainly made it easier. The old timer dudes must of had a rough life building these things
  23. Shower is done. Waiting for the Glass Cutter people to cut me a fresh pane. It looks like it could be at any high end resort or inside a magazine. Damn I'm Good.
  24. Lalalala, NGC is currently grading and encapsulating my 1889 Morgan as I'm sure they will see nothing wrong with it. The imaginary fairies inside the minds of PCGS graders will be exposed
  25. So what if it's real It's as Ugly as Sin and was polished so harshly that any value it had is gone with the wind. I'm just pointing out there are things on the coin that don't make it look authentic. If I was a coin dealer and you walked into my shop with that thing I would take a hard Pass and give you the boot.