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  1. I'll take that as I could have been slightly Bamboozled thanks.
  2. Shame on them ! I guess that's why they make the Big Bucks
  3. Wow thanks for all your comments and feedback. Yes the reverse of my coin looks better than the Obverse, which I didn't post a picture of. But thats what initially brought me here. Thanks Again, I will try to resubmit my coin to NGC to see if I can get a 64 one day in the future.
  4. Hi all here's my 1897-S Morgan that came back graded as MS-63. It's the first picture. The second picture is of a much more worn 1897-S that was graded MS-63. Have I been bamboozeled by the TPG companies. What do you think
  5. Whenever I get a letter from the Government it's usually really bad mkay. No thanks i'll pass on this offer
  6. A photo of the Crime scene in action...
  7. Just came across a crude 1882 CC MS65 morgan that some guy was selling on Etsy for 200 bucks, Wonder where he got it from. A new collector wont know the difference. "I am a Chinese coin collectors,I have a factory of production coin. I could provide the best coins and best service for you."
  8. They were in a bin with 5 dollar gold Liberties and Older US Mint Silver Gold Sets and they are not all the same, most are all different. He could have a couple fakes I get to go to his house again so i can better document everything. He wants me to sell his coin collection so he can cash out and he handed me a bank bag full of Ike dollars must have been 500 and almost weighed that much in lbs. Who wants to go thru 500 Ikes (not me)
  9. What about the staples, they look old, all of these on the auction sites have new shiny staples
  10. What's more troubling is that He (Himself) grades the Coin, He (Himself) Slabs it and He (Himself) sends it out to a Third Party Authentication Service for Verification of Grade which just happens to be He (Himself)
  11. Look at this one, He doesn't even have a Sonic Sealer, 5 or 6 pieces of Strategically placed pieces of tape and Dinners Done