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  1. GM 🌞 to all.i found these The other 1982 large date and one 1982small date . question is these are these mint marks errors? I hope the picture are clear? . could someone please tell me is that a D over S in both coins.thank you for your help and support 👍
  2. One can say that! Yet if you that unfocused that those are 8's 1980 1982.n ow that was very crazy to say that;)! I repeat a 2 will never be mangled to a form not 4 but six 8 in a trail lol.nore will a zero will look like a 8 .so yeah maybe if you had it in your own hands than just maybe you wouldn't made a statement of such . anyway I do appreciate your reply;)
  3. Listen to this ! If you are a good coin grader as you say.then you would see on the right of the D mint will see 1988 faintly off the bottom of Lincoln coat.i shouldn't even have to say anything you are a great coin grader lol.i never left ! Just been sitting back watching what's going an as I said some things just don't
  4. I wasn't going to say anything to you,however it's like nothing changes with some of so again thanks for your reply,still your words holds no weight when facts are in front of yes it's a damaged coin as I said where did the damage come from? Oh let me guess,its a parking lot coin . lmao your funny .I do hope we get the chance to bump head at a show :). enjoy your day
  5. Hello to all.well I came across this Lincoln cent,now it's not the best looking coin to one's eyes.yet! I found it to be rare ,a 1988 D copper penny weight of 3.1. which has been struck over another if you focus on the date,which seems to be damaged when was will see that there are four 8's in the hopefully the pictures is clear that you may see what I mean.turn it sideways and upside matter what it still comes to 1988 D copper penny. so maybe you guys can help me out here replies and viewing is thank you all. oh i gave it the name Lincoln the all seeing , with all the extra eyes in his hair and face W
  6. That is very make more sense.thank you
  7. I learned my mistake before,so I don't let people BS bother me.i just asking for information,if I don't like the answer or information I need then I will find other avenues.again thank you all for your help have a good day
  8. Thank you all for your response,it is appreciated as well learning about coins .
  9. I know I never seen a clad penny! If someone else has ,then please direct me to the right place
  10. Well one thing is for sure ,if you mix silver with copper you will get a Silver copper looking coin