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  1. @JKK and @Coinbuf thank you both for your responses. @JKKcan you please educate me on what "horse spoon" means? I've never heard that term. The main reasons that I questioned if it was the same coin are the gouge in her cheek and the word peace appear more prevalent in person and the luster of the coin appears different to me. With the coin in hand I can see the scratch that looks like an arrow pointing to the left between the L and I in Liberty, so with that and your feedback I see how it is the same coin. Please correct me if I'm using the wrong terms, but when the coin arrived it appeared
  2. I am in the process of completing a set of raw peace dollars, and I just bought a 1928 peace dollar from an auction on AuctionZip. The first 2 photos were shown in the auction and the coin does not appear to have been dipped and looks great to me. I received the coin today and in my opinion the coin looks like nothing from the auction photos. The coin I received appears to have been dipped. I would have posted better pictures, but the camera on my iPhone 10 has the worst camera ever. So in you expert opinions do you think the coin I received could not be the coin in the auction photos? Or do y
  3. I know the 1885 O Morgan dollar is a common date coin, but what would your best guess be on the grade of this coin? I know telling the grade of a coin through pictures is damn near impossible, but any help is appreciated. From my novice opinion I would say this coin is mint state maybe 61-63. As an ungraded coin what do you believe the value of this coin would be?
  4. Is the $10 dollar handling fee per coin or per group of coins? So is the handling fee for 7 coins $10 dollars or $70 dollars? Thank you!