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  1. ProfHaroldHill I understand how you feel, you highlight some valid concerns. Perhaps one can explain some of these policies by stepping back and looking at the larger picture. Consider the environment (CA) unquestionably one of the area's known for the cancel culture. They have dominated the market for a longtime and without competition the consumer usually suffers. Many years ago I remember when they had a few good customer service representatives. Business ethics are important too me as well, one of my greatest concerns is grading consistency. A wise numismatist once said, "You must have the
  2. Although this is not from the Sweet collection perhaps Mr. Cool might consider adding it to his set. This example is rated as an R-6+ in A Register of Liberty Seated Dollar Varieties by D. Osburn and Brian Cushing. The description states that "Based on photographic evidence we believe that the 1865 PB reverse was also used to strike the 1866 No Motto coins." PCGS price guide is $16,000. it should be a good buy at $13,750. Email seateddollars@gmail.com
  3. Thanks for all the posts, I’ve decided to list it for sale.
  4. I specialize in Liberty Seated Dollars and would appreciate comments on the value of this half dollar just back from grading. She is graded PL-68, Pop 1, highest graded.
  5. What's this worth? Just got back from grading. PL-68 Pop 1, highest graded.