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  1. I also enjoyed your presence. I get schooled by individuals too and sometimes it seems rude. Please remember to consider the source and don't over read text... It shows no emotion.
  2. Can anyone help me out to clearify. I can't find another one anywhere on the web. The BUS UNU is missing from the banner.
  3. Great idea. My son got these in an old piggy bank. 1959 d one cent, 1964 d one cent definitely ddo, 1971 p (no mint mark) one cent ddo, ddr, and a 1988 d one cent ddo and mad. All are amazing in color and error. They where awesome to come across with my 5 year old.
  4. Please let us know what the local says on this. What where the weights again. As no one could make an accurate call to anythjng of it without that information.
  5. I would say yes. Can't tell by the picture as well but it looks to be a nickel struck on a quarter in clad on obverse. Triple struck on reverse. But I'm not a professional just my opinion. What does it weigh?
  6. We found this in a piggy bank. Can anyone tell me about the rim. It's mushroomed around the lettering. Was it stuck in the machine? Or what is it. Sorry the images are not the best but hoping they are good enough to start.
  7. I have this newer quarter that is missing the reverse side. There are some stamping in it but not the state or the year. I know it was minted in Denver but that's it. I have more pictures of these aren't good enough.