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  1. I'm a science fiction fan overall..... I even have 3 working remote droids from Star Wars (BB8, R2 & R5) as well as a Lightsaber w/ sound effects (not those cheap ones).
  2. Ali, Is it possible to move the 2009 SOLOMON ISLANDS $1 ARCHANGEL GABRIEL SILVERED slot in the Solomon Islands "Silver $1, 1991-Date, Mint State and Proof" to the Solomon Islands "One Dollar, 2000-Date, Proof"? Since the Gabriel coin is silvered and most of the coins in the One Dollar, 2000-Date, Proof (based on the 3 slots) are also silvered, this would be a better area. Plus the Gabriel coin falls within the date time frame and is a proof as well. Thanks
  3. Today I found out my major coin submission is coming back (30 coins) and some ratings were surprising and some were what I expected. Many of the coins were minted at the old Franklin Mint, along with some Perth Mint, Royal Mint and some dealers claiming to be a mint. But the Franklin Mint (FM) made me think of what others were thinking in the 80's.. There not worth the metal they are minted on! For some reason, I should have ignored those comments (In some cases I did). I have a few FM coin sets and I'm actually happy I still have them, but in the worse packaging. Many I removed from
  4. The part that irks me is the dealer hiring people to scarf up the low mintage coins at the mint. I don't know how many times I tried to get a low mintage coin and was booted out because of the overload at the website. Then find someone that has 6,8 or 10 of these coins when the mint site said something like "2 per household". "Fair Market Value" is subjective to the individual. However like I said, if it is a rare coin I want, I'll pay a premium.
  5. Having a few US coins and Proof sets when I was a child has made me want to collect more US coins. I have a nice collection of US coins that I feel proud to share with my friends that collect as well. Over the years I have Silver Proof sets from the 1992 till 2019, Silver Eagles from 1986 till 2020, odds and ends of proof sets to the point of "someday I will send these in to get rated". BUT..... there are some missing pieces.... especially with my Silver Eagles.... because certain people hire people to buy the Mint's product so they can make a dollar. Nothing wrong with that, just realiz
  6. When I do that, there's going to be some that are really needing some "conservation". I do plan to get a picture of "before" as these coins (and medal) will truly test NCS.
  7. I'll have to take a look! Thanks.
  8. I've had a couple of submissions like that and I even sent some directly to NCS for conservation. I am very pleased of the results.
  9. My set of coins sent to NCS first came back. I'm very pleased with the results. All the silver coins had haze, one silver showed signs of PVC damage starting and the gold coin had a rubbery substance I couldn't get off. I could see that the contaminate was in some of the devices, so I decided to let an expert do it. These coins were bought online last year at prices that would make some people jealous. Instead of me posting pics, I'll post a link since they are part of my personal collection. 1977 BVI Silver Jubilee dollar: 1977 BV
  10. The problem is the site wants you to modify your search engine.... unless you know where to find the download without this change.... I can't use it.
  11. Funny you should say that.... I was going to make a search portal as a "1 stop search" spot for anything and everything on the web. Just trying to make it work for me alone has been the biggest challenge. But I got the basics, but still learning the nuances. Retirement will give me more time to spend on refining this process to make it work. Not my first rodeo with web interfacing.... but so much has changed when I used Java -script or PERL in the early days.
  12. It's bash file I found online.... It's a heavily modified now since then as things have changed on search engines over the past 10 years. It's a learning curb for me and it uses Lynx. I'm an old DOS guy (TSRs were my thing in the '90s) and C++ programmer (Win95 Beta Tester... sorry for the crappy software)..... scripts, bash, batch.... all tomatoes TomAHtoes. Retirement is around the corner and look forward to spending quality time with my LINUX box.
  13. Need a REPUBLIC of GUINEA (different country, not Guinea-Bissau) with a category of silver 200 Francs proof. I have a 1969 John Robert Kennedy (2855917-006) and your office currently evaluating another coin from 1970 that is also Kennedy. Plus there is a 1969 & 1970 Almamy Samory Toure 200 Francs coins as well. Niue needs a $25 Gold 1.2gram category. I currently have one coin rated by you (2855917-007) and have a couple raw coins as well in the same category. Thanks!
  14. So I had an email asking me HOW to program a search engine to find a coin, even a rare one. Let me start by saying... you can search for a coin with current search engines. My programming uses these current search engines to find what I want. HOWEVER..... because I'm lazy.... I use a Linux Server to do the job.... and it's a small system on my wireless network that does the searching for me. Without getting into details..... my little server uses a --script to inject what I want and the results are emailed to me what it finds. I go to the server and redefine what I want to reduce the numb
  15. Ali, In the announcement above..... for the Classic, Modern and New sets will they be intermixed rather than 50/50 like in the past? Is the Best Presented Set only US sets? I'm a little confused (doesn't take much lately) based on the Award's website page. The way it is written here, looks like some changes are happening. Just wondering!
  16. Thanks Ali. I was just worried that they were sent out and someone swiped mine.
  17. So my coin purchases overseas are slowly trickling in. COVID has really slowed things down. One coin I purchased was back in November and just got here. Carrier pigeon must have gotten lost LOL! Makes me appreciate the Postal Service even more. Carriers running in bad weather, bringing me gifts from other places so I can admire my prize. But even as all those coins trickle in.... I broke my New Year's resolution.... no coin purchases. I have a few search engines programmed to let me know if something comes up I'm looking for that's rare to find. And it did.... ugh! So resolution bro
  18. Thanks Rick, I'll give it a try!!
  19. Ali, When are the plaques for the winners being sent out? I sent my mailing address to the email I received and haven't heard back since. I believe that was back in January.
  20. So HERE is my position for a Rwanda set...... remove the 5000F set. I know that knocks off a set I control..... but there's already a "Type Set" for Rwanda Gold. A 5000 Francs set is asinine. That's just my opinion!!
  21. That Wilhelmina set is a nice set, just saw it a couple days ago. As you were saying about sets that are not well known, that was kind of what happened when I was picking up British Virgin Isle coins.... not a popular coin to pick up 10 years ago. But the last couple years the prices have jumped up. Sterling silver proofs for BVI have gone past the 150% above spot price for raw and 300+% outrageous slabbed prices. I still have coins trickling in from last years from overseas and they're still a little pricey, but not common. Metal prices and reintroducing this island with newer coins hasn't no
  22. Thanks Six Mile.... I'll look into it!
  23. I like that set you have, especially the coin's round pictures. Still working on the photography as lighting is the issue on my end. I especially like seeing the gold coins in your collect. I kind of do the same thing with the points, use them to improve my collection. I just have the Basic US Type with no gold: Few gaps still in that set, but happy I have those coins in my collection. I'm in no rush at the moment. But I'm working on getting coins rated and putting them in two collections, Solomon Islands and the Britis