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  1. What really kicked me going was when my wife passed away. As I was going through her personal items, I found in the closet a box that would be full of coins.... circulated and some proofs. 3 things that caught my eye was her American Silver Eagles, Morgans and Peace dollars. She had quite a few raw coins. I smiled for that moment realizing I didn't know she liked collecting coins. Then I saw she put the coins she got in Jamaica in there as well..... closer examinination there were turkish coins and german coins.... places she had been. Then it dawned on me that told me those coins where her co
  2. That's the kind of medal I'd add to my Kennedy collection. Thanks for sharing this.
  3. Mine are mostly modern Euro coins. I like the style of the post modern, sometime I'll have to look into these coin.
  4. So here I am..... struggling to decide what coins go in to NGC to get rated. Winning "Best Presented Set" for my Morgan Dollars has put me in a position that I thought would be simple. Going through my raw coins and sets made me go "WOW!" at what my collection turned into. When I started organizing and picking items to get rated.... I was almost over whelmed. Currently I'm sending some coins in to be rescued (hopefully) by NCS because of poor storage by the mints (PVC). Others I'm deciding what I need to get maximum benefit.... one definitely is finishing my British Virgin Islands $1 set.
  5. Sometimes that passion can get a little out of hand LOL. Already looking for a new safe as the 2 I have can't fit all the coins I have. Surprising how much can accumulate in a couple years. LOL
  6. Solomon Islands needs a $1 type set. Currently there is 5 in your database 3 proofs & 2 MS. There's the 1991 Pearl Harbor Proof, 1992 Coral Sea Anniversary Proof, 1995 F.A.O uncirculated, 2009 Archangel Gabriel Proof and 2017 John F. Kennedy uncirculated. There is 2 new 2020 (2020 Year of the Mouse (colorized) & 2020 Battle of Britain 80 year Anv.) and a 2021 coming out (Eternal Love Heart Shaped 15 g Silver Antiqued $1 Coin). Since there is a mixture of Cupro-nickel and silver in this denomination... a type-set would work for the small number I see. Give silver coins a
  7. Many many moons ago...... ok..... let me try something different.... It was a dark and stormy night....... NAW.... that doesn't work...... OK..... this just out of Brooklyn..... nope..... that's not me..... My parents kind of started me into coin collecting.... yea I know LOL MY parents were the typical "Nuclear Family" raised parents. They didn't want me to be smothered and wanted to make me understand what money was all about. They did in a way that I didn't know I would be collecting. They would give me "new minted" coins on my birthday..... rolls mostly..... but li
  8. My opinion of the NON-silver needs its own category. I think that the $1 should be the set and not include higher denominations for this. I'm just looking at the single $1 dollar type set. If we want to show PROOF sets.... then the Jubilee silver type would have precedence over a standard set..... but the fish (circa 1985) would be on top!
  9. At this NGC forum, I think you are well at placing the PCGS coins in those under "Kennedy Half Dollars" of that time frame without any modifications.
  10. Since the FUN show was canceled, when will the enouncement be made for the awards?
  11. I see under British Virgin Islands a "1974 Proof Set". How about changing that to just "Proof Set" and allow any proof set 1973 - 1985 to be entered? Even better is to have a "Proof Set Type Set" that has one of the regular proof 6 coin sets (1973 - 1978), 7 coin proof sets (1979 - 1984), one of the Silver Jubilee set (1977 all silver), one of the Coronation Jubilee Set (1978 all silver) and one of the Fish Set (1985 2 types standard Proof and silver Proof) in the same set.
  12. I thought it was Britannia myself, but it turned out the women is Athena. I stumbled on the BVI coins myself from auctions. I think they looks great in my opinion.... mostly UC mintage. I have a 1977 and 1978 standard Proof set and Jubilee set in the same year (Jubilee sets all coins are silver).
  13. What about errors in the type or proof sets? For example the BVI silver $1 1973 to Date Proof set...... has missing slots (there is a reverse proof and regular proof Pegasus in 2017 and 2018), incorrect slots (Queen's Silver Jubilee should be 1977 and Queen's Coronation Jubilee for 1978) and those same slot years have standard proofs as well. So my question is, can those get fixed if you are made aware during this "freeze" period? I know I sent an email on this one and on a couple others. Some get fixed, some don't. Just inquiring..... Chris
  14. Thanks Blake and Ali for your responses. To answer your question Blake.... its in a type set. Ali has made it clear, so it explains a lot.