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  1. 1959-2008 Lincoln Memorial/Circulation Issue/One-per-date
  2. Since I have you on here, I don't want to waste your time, so I do have a couple questions you could answer if possible. If someone sends in a coin and for some reason they can't encapsulated, is the customer refunded or how does that work?
  3. I really don't want to have to go down that road. It was in the past and that's where I would like it to stay. I want to know your answer in general, along with a lot of other people. I don't want to throw out names but I will say that its not NGC that I'm referring to. But like I said before, how long should a customer wait when an email is sent? In your opinion, what kind of time frame would be fair? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks KC
  4. When someone new enters the coin-world for the first time, it could easily be overwhelming. Most collectors were raised in a household where 'coin-talk' was a everyday occurrence. Most of these collectors you see with these amazing coins, coins that unless you have thousands of dollars to spend, you will never own. These collectors acquired there collections through a family member or by being in the right place at the right time. The modern collectors (new collectors) don't have that opportunity. To get in the coin business, you have to know what your doing or you'll find yourself in a financial hole quick! So the first thing I would recommend being a new collector, do your research before jumping head first into the coin business. Most of this information can be found on the internet, through reading books, and then personal experience. If you still have questions after doing all of this, who are you supposed to ask for advice? You don't have no one in your family and there isn't one 'real' coin store located where you live. No problem...the internet has tons of people you can talk to for help and advice if you need it. That sounds like a pretty simple task, not for me. For the coin-world to be so small, it blows my mind how busy some of these "youtubers" and collectors are!! What about the grading services? Why not ask them? I did, but apparently answering emails is optional. I thought 'emails' was a big part of the communication process of today...? One of the main reasons I like communicating by email is because it gives me a papertrail for my own records. In your opinion, if someone sends you an email, how long should it take before they get a reply? And if I do get a reply, its usually takes a week or two. To me, that's absurd for anybody to have to wait that long.
  5. I told you what I had and you never said or told me anything. Until they figure something out that can be set in stone when it comes to grading. I'm guessing you know someone at one of these services? I totally agree with the credit card thing but if someone wants your information bad enough, there are plenty of ways to get it.
  6. If you don't like what I have to say then don't read it.
  7. Yes I do, mostly raw but I do have some encapsulated also. I have "alot" of copper cents I'm trying to sale. I have 2017-P cents. I also have 2-quarters, one San Antonio and the other is Wilderness with the 'W' mint mark (raw, but thinking about sending them off for grading). I others...I'm more of a seller than collector so if I have what someone is looking for, more than likely they will get the best deal with me. I don't have a paypal, I use credit card. I have a home address if needed. Just let me know what you want to do...thanks. KCoins82
  8. People have cheaper choices today and don't use them. They would rather pay PCGS prices instead of ANACS, and when they do, there stuck with a coin that nobody they can't sale. ANACS coins don't hold value like the other 2-grading companies. If they were smart and combined, they wouldn't raise prices, they would lower them. The wealthy use PCGS, that's the only reason it's on top, otherwise ANACS would have taken over because of there cheaper prices. I think the grading scale is still to complex for most and needs changes. What do you think?
  9. The Coin Community will never reach the point of excellence these companies strive to achieve like PCGS & NGC...and of course you have ANACS until they figure out a solid foundation for a Coin-Grading system. It's a system that is polluted by bad judgement and human error which only hurts the customer. I don't think there enough members to have 2-top coin grading companies. I actually think it hurts the whole idea of 'growing' when it comes to the coin community. You can't have politics and expect something to succeed. This is what I see, if you live on the east coast you send your coins to NGC. If you live on the west coast you use PCGS. And if your broke and don't care one way or another on the value of your coin, you send it to ANACS. I'm not knocking ANACS, I'm just calling it like I see it. Yeah they are the cheapest, and your basically wasting your money by using their service. What do you mean? It's simple, their coins don't hold the value that NGC and PCGS holds. And if that's true, why use them? It seems pointless. Which brings us to NGC and PCGS, there basically the same, so why not combine and make things easier on everyone. I'm sorry for sounding negative I just see so much potential and nothing being done. If it's about the hobby and not the money, can't we put egos to the side...?
  10. The weight is one of the main reasons you need to hold on to it.