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  1. What is your real bottom price for this collection?
  2. I'll take the coin. Ship to: Joel Schram 3912 N. Blackhawk Rd Silver City, NM 88061 I'll send payment shortly Joel
  3. Looking to buy 2001 Kentucky Silver Quarter NGC graded PF70 UCAM. Please send me message and asking price. Joel
  4. Looking to purchase NGC graded Silver Virginia State quarter to complete my collection.
  5. 1950 Jefferson Proof graded PF68 * Cameo (Pop 3/3) BV $9,250 is available for sale. $2,995 OBO. Reply if interested. 5,834 registry points on this coin.
  6. Looking to buy 1961 & 1962 Roosevelt Proofs graded PF69 Ultra Cameo. Email me at or reply to this topic. Thanks
  7. 1976-S $750.00 1979 T2 $550.00 1981 T2 Sorry - Coin sold for $475 2020 W $100.00
  8. Selling my entire collection (currently ranked #10) of Jefferson Proofs. Take a look at my collection "Joel's Jefferson Proofs" and let me know if there is a coin you are looking for. I am focusing on my Roosevelt Proof collection going forward. Thanks, Joel Schram
  9. Rick. I'll take your offer of $200. Send via Paypal to and send mailing instructions to the same email address. Once payment is received I will cancel my ebay listing and mail you the coin. Thanks. Joel
  10. Six Mile Rick, Registration numbers for the 2 MS68 dimes are: 2012-P 4757656-013 2012-D 4757656-014 Joel
  11. 2012-P in MS68 FT listed on eBay @ $395, will sell for $275. 2012-D in MS68 listed on eBay for $175. will sell for $100.
  12. I have the following mint state coins available for sale on eBay. Lincoln Cents: 1996-P, 1996-D, 2012-D, 2014-D, 2015-P, 2015-D & 2019-D All graded MS-68 RD Kennedy Half Dollar: 2012-P graded MS-68 Jefferson Nickel: 2012-D graded MS-68 6FS Roosevelt Dime: graded MS-68 FT All coins graded by NGC. If there is an interest, please email me at Thanks,
  13. My success rate was right at 50%. Now that PCGS coins are being accepted again I feel much better and don't have to spend the money for cross-over.
  14. Well, I got results back on my first 15 PCGS coins I submitted for crossing. 8 of 15 coins crossed from PR70 DCAM to NGC PF70 Ultra Cameo. I guess from reading other posts that percentage might be pretty good. I'll update this post when I get the other results on the remaining 16 coins. One coin I am very hopeful for. I think NGC should just allow the PCGS coins to be added to registry sets rather than penalize us new collectors.
  15. I am paying to have my PCGS coins Crossed Over to NGC. I have submitted 31 coins graded PR70DCAM to NGC with every expectation of getting 31 coins back graded PF70 UCAM. If I don't see all of them graded as expected I may just put an end to this registry set game.