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  1. I found this penny in a role today i figured no big deal. Just a repunch mint mark but i went to look it up and found no such thing what do you think. Thanks
  2. I have had this coin for about a year wondering about this mint mark when i found it i thought it was a 72 s at first glance i got the mic out to take a look now i don't know whats going on figured i would ask someone what they were thinking it is. Thanks!
  3. Hello i found this in a bank roll it does weigh 3.08 grams but is it a small date please help me out its the closes small date 2 i have found.
  4. Just found this penny notice right off the bat. Something was off besides it worn. There is got to be a reason for this weight.
  5. Is this a common accurance cause i seen only one like it a 1959 d had thay kind of texture.
  6. I figured that but was it done at the mint and why is it so messed up.
  7. Found this today got a ton of them none that look like this what done everyone think. Md? The reverse is the same way. I threw one pic of the back as you can see.
  8. 1958 d had for 15 years never thought about it being anything cool. Weighs 3.08 main reason for this.
  9. Had this coin for a while no idea what is going on here any help would be great. This coin weighs 3.08. So that makes no sense. Maybe dipped in something?
  10. Ok this coin got me stumped. Is there or is this a know error. Looks like two 3s to me. Seen tons of them none like this maybe after mint error knowing my luck.
  11. I need to know is this nickel really ddo and is it worth grading. Any help would be appreciated the only reason i question this cause people say it doesn't exist.