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  1. I’ve looked and looked and compared it to others and I do believe it is. I ordered a digital microscope so will know better when it arrives. I know which YouTube videos are and which ones are real,it’s kinda obvious which ones you can trust and which you can’t. Also I’m not going off of only YouTube,I’ve a lot of reading and a lot of comparing. I understand the chances of finding anything as rare as the coin in question but that does not mean it’s not it. People win the lottery all the time and find rare items all the time so while unlikely there’s still a chance. I’m not getting my hopes up. I created the account to ask what would you do? Again I understand that the chances of it being what I think it is to be very slim, but you can’t say for sure bc no one knows how many there are out there to be found. I wonder if the guy that found the 1982 penny was told the same?
  2. I have great eyesight but if the coin was worn enough it would look like fat letters rather than two letters side by side. The coin is plenty worn but from the right direction you can clearly see it. Maybe it’s Wear I’m not a coin grader for sure. I’ll be honest,for me,it’s hard to tell between machine and hub doubling and while I’ve read many times people who have explained the differences, I also see coins that contradict what they say so i get even more lost. There is a lot of misinformation out there and it’s hard for a novice to decipher sometimes. I don’t have any way to take a picture that close up bc like I said the coin is not in the best of shape but I’ll try to figure something out. Thanks for all the replies
  3. Guys/Gals I have a 1958 penny that I’ve had for a while that I’ve looked at a million times but never really paid much attention to it till today. I was going through my drawer drawer when I seen it while I was listening to a guy on YouTube talk about penny errors and he happened to start talking about the 1958. much to my surprise, and it is hard to see,but it is a 1958 ddo as far as I can tell. The coin is worn but even looking through my almost worthless loupe I can see doubling. The only thing is all the ones I’ve seen I haven’t seen any that had doubling in the date. Mine looks to have doubling one number, the 5, in the date. It also has doubling in liberty and it’s hard to see but there in IN GOD WE TRUST. I wish I had a way to take a picture but I honestly do not so what your next step be? I don’t want to mail it bc I’ve had too many things lost in the mail. This was The first site that popped up when I search for coin collecting forum and when I seen ngc I joined bc I figured someone on here can help novice out? Thanks, Shawn Laughlin