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  1. This past week I picked up three nice MS coins. 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar MS62 1911 $10 Gold Indian Eagle MS62 (I really think this one deserves a 63) 1927 $20 Gold Saint Gaudens Double Eagle MS63 All common dates but you gotta start somewhere, right?
  2. So I decided to show a couple buddies at work one of my gold Double Eagles. I just put the slab in my front pocket and that's where it stayed most of my 12 hour day at work. When I got home I realized the hologram faded away. I'm guessing this was a combination of heat, moisture (sweat) and movement (I do concrete construction for work). I was already planning on having this particular coin sent back to NGC to be put in a modern Edge View scratch resistant slab anyway but I was still surprised to see the hologram melt away like that. About how long does it take to get my coin back