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  1. Dear NGC Registry! in the category: Multi-Country (Incl. Euro) there is THOUSANDS coins set (and it intended to keep growing): Summer Olympic Games, Host Country Coinage, 1952-Date, Complete Thus is why some important Olympic sets of one Country were created: Lod Angeles, Atlanta, London, etc...! I am suggesting to create new set which is now a subset included in the above mentioned set. So I am suggesting to create new set (consisting of about 150 coins itself) : Moscow 1980 Summer Olympic Games (1977-1980), Complete and probably also 2 subsets: Moscow 1980 Summer Olympic Games (1977-1980), PROOF Moscow 1980 Summer Olympic Games (1977-1980), MS+PL These sets could be under category: Multi-Country (Incl. Euro) or RUSSIA (USSR)
  2. Dear Ali, Thanks for agreeing to correct the title: Fourth Reform Coinage (1985-Date) but what about Second Reform Coinage (1958-1960) what about coin LIRA 1958 CHANUKAH - LAW IS LIGHT in the set Hanukkah Series, 1958-1979, Circulation Issue and many other 1958 and 1959 coins???
  3. In the Main Listing (Table of Content) of Israeli Competitive Sets there are 5 (actually correct!) divisions by DATE periods. I would recommend to correct the dates in 2 date periods for more accuracy: Second Reform Coinage (1958-1980) and Fourth Reform Coinage (1985-Date) While Israeli Registry is relatively very accurate, the ISRAELI CENSUS is terribly full of mistakes particularly because of wrong authentication of DATES and Date periods. and these 2 corrections in TITLES will help to correct many authentication mistakes!!!
  4. While Registry already has the set: Chanukah Series, 1958-1979, Circulation Issue it would be nice (and easy) to create corresponding set: Hanukkah Series, 1958-1979, PROOF At the same time I would recommend to update word "Chanukah" to more correct spelling translation from Hebrew word "HANUKKAH" in the existing set: Hanukkah Series, 1958-1979, Circulation Issue Thanks in advance for your consideration!