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  1. Oh I love that... And the best part about that is.. That it remains there...untouched.. With dreams and beliefs of people from around the world... You could not have that here. And that is sad cause we have so much freedom and resources that they do not have. But someone would steal it here before the process began... Sorry didn't mean to drift off..I would love to hear some of the stories behind those coins.. Thanks for sharing
  2. My mother is from Vietnam. And my dad worked for Lockheed . So the combination of them both bringing things here helped.. Also my brother n law is from New Zealand and the rest I'm just collected thru the years..I had alot of coins prior to Katrina... But lost them during the storm.. Somebody out there are finding them I hope...I lost allot of coins my grandpa saved for me and that I've held on to since I was a kid...i collected them but was young n did not read up on any until now..
  3. Wow. Thanks allot y'all.. Pretty cool... They are still in great shape for me lol.. Will look into those links thanks again
  4. Any info about these coins would be great....I have alot of foreign coins that I just started looking thru...but I don't what to start trying to figure them out b4 I get a grasp on others.. but these were different n interesting so had to ask... thank yall
  5. Did I read this wrong VKurtB...No 2019 quarters at all?
  6. It's ok. I can get along with I'm really excited to purchase some books coins etc...
  7. If u are in there area..a gentleman brought in a whole tray of silver coins yesterday into that shop... Just throwing that out there
  8. Ok. Probably same one. And he seems very kind.. Just really short.. But I get it.. Living here I'm sure he gets allot of people who have lost, also trying to make quick money... But yes that's my birthday week...I will definitely make that show... Will be my first ever. So I'm pretty excited now.. Thank you.. Will u be attending? Is their a certain criteria to go?
  9. Had it when it was all crazy lol. But didn't want to part with it...
  10. Yes sir I about 20 minutes away.. Did the (y'all )give it away also.. N I found it a few months ago. N put it to the side..I don't plan on selling it lol. But I still wanted to know what others thought.. the dealer in Biloxi wasn't friendly n I guess thought I needed the money and I just wanted some advice.. So I knew I would get honesty n good advice here... Thank y'all so much
  11. opinions on the newer quarter? I went to a coin dealer near me today, which is located between a few casinos and he seemed very shady.. What would u do if u found one..grade it?keep it? Sell it?
  12. Which variety would this fall under? N it's worth please n thank u