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  1. Hi, May I request to add a slot " 2016 Leonardo Da Vinci - Masterpieces of Art " to the Cook Islands, Silver $20, 2008-Date Proof, the reference Coin Certificate is: 5719707-003. Thank you
  2. Hi Ms Alison, a) Would appreciate to consider a new Malaysia Ringgit Proof set for the following 3 coin certificates; 5705788-012 5705790-007 5705790-008 b) to add on the MS slots to the Malaysia Proof sets below: Gold 250R 1976-Date Proof, for MS Coin Cert; 5705788-009 Gold 200R 1976-Date Proof, for MS Coin Cert; 5705788-010 Gold 500R 1976-Date Proof, for MS Coin Cert: 5705788-011 Thank you CS136612
  3. Hi, May I request to add 2 lots for the following two sets 1)'Cook Islands Masterpiece of Art S$20 2008-Date PF', and 2)'Cook Islands S$20 2007-Date' Slots for: Coin Cert # 5705787-008, and Cert # 5705787-009. Thank you
  4. Hi 2012 Coins: Cert # 5705777-002, Cert # 5705777-004, and Cert # 5705777-005 The above 3 coin slots only available for "Cook Island Silver $10 1990-Date Proof and Prooflike" set, but slots still not in " Cook Islands Silver Coin 2012 Complete" set. Thank you
  5. Hi, May I request to add the following 3 coin slots to the set: Cook Islands Silver Coin 2012 Complete 2012 Cert # 5705777-002, Cert # 5705777-004, and Cert # 5705777-005 Thank you CS136612
  6. Hi May I suggest to add a slot to Cook Islands S$10 PF & PL; 2013 Chartres Cathedral France Coin Cert #: 5705777-006. Thanks
  7. Hi, Could you please add 1) Cook Islands S$10 Windows of Heavan, a new lot: 2012 St Isaac’s Cathedral St Petersburg, Coin Cert #: 5705777-004. 2) Cook Islands S$20 Masterpiece of Art: new slot; 2016 Caspar David Friedrich Coin Cert #: 5705777-007, and 2017 William Turner Coin Cert #: 5705777-008. Thank you
  8. Hi, I would recommend to have a new competitive set to capture 1981 Singapore Silver Proof coins consist of S1C, S5C, S10C, S50C and S$1. The other years 1967-1984 for this first series circulated coins are non silver, non proof which each denomination has its competitive set . Thank you
  9. Would you please consider to add one set for Singapore Silver 10 Cent Proof 1967-Date. The Registry has Silver cent Proof, S5 Cent Proof, S20 Cent Proof and the S50 Cent Proof, miss out the S10 Cent. Thank you
  10. I would like to request a new set of Singapore S$5 PF, dedicated to 20 coins of colorized Orchid series 2006-2015, cert # 2676217-002, 2676217-003, 4323710-009. Thank you
  11. I have 2 New Zealand S$1 PF coins; Cert # 5705768-014 and 5705768-015, can't find a appropriate set nor a slot for them, can Registry advise? I think these 2 coins are worthy to be included as one of the NZ Competitive set. Thank you