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  1. I say ms 63; it's nice-looking, but not exactly the greatest strike I've ever seen (disclaimer; I am not an experienced grader, particularly not with buffalo nickels. The grade provided is a guesstimate based off a general idea of grading, not how to grade buffalo nickels specifically)
  2. 1937 (no mintmark, indicating philadelphia mintage)
  3. I was using it sarcastically.... sorry, it's my first language....
  4. really? Cuz there's a LOT of stuff I want.... "gee, he's got an ultra-high relief St. Guaden's Double Eagle on his income?"... is it possible to say you want multiples of something?.... "I never knew that there were that many 1913 liberty head nickels!"
  5. "you can have a car in any color you want, as long as it's black," to paraphrase Henry Ford... I just don't understand what's wrong with simply blocking the ppl who say clearly wrong stuff, and leaving it at that... then again, who said spite was a bad thing?
  6. it appears that the center of the coin is raised above the rest of the field, right? I've seen the reverse of this before (parts of the field near the rim are raised), but I don't remember if it was a striking issue or pmd...
  7. well, I wouldn't recommend "sweet-talking", as part of competing in the market means getting a rep for unbiased grading, so they'd probably be more apt to hold it against you... anyhow, hey, why not? worst case scenario, you got them graded, so then you'll know. would recommend getting the add-on where they send you back your mint packaging, in case you ever decide to "crack" the slabs.
  8. well, it has some copper, so in the mint's mind, same thing right? After all, would you be all that surprised if the mint came out with a "silver" coin with only like 10% actual silver content in the alloy?
  9. this smells of fractional stock ownership... I'm not joking, it's literally now possible to buy a small sliver of a stock... a stock of stock, if you will
  10. don't forget, that coin value and how many coins not only affects the purchase price, but things like shipping and insurance (not to mention, whether you're submitting internationally or not)
  11. probably just to make them feel good about essentially just being board members who didn't get a special title...
  12. so technically this doesn't apply to everyone... but I'm doing it anyway
  13. ....when you enter a coin forum, and find a thread dedicated to bashing a specific member's teaching and posting... you know you're on ngc...
  14. uh, literally every issue of the numismatist for the past who knows how many months has pres ellsworth talking about how the ana needs more donations, and needs layoffs, and needs cutbacks on the length of the magazine (at least like four articles have been cut out, and only one added). Not to mention exec director Kiick has been also writing about a need to raise more funds, in addition to the various fundraiser ideas the organization has been trying, such as the past president slabs thing. Sure, you could argue that the ANA is well-situated in the middle of no-where, but the idea that t