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  1. Since you have a ton of them, how about parting with just one set? Earliest you have cheap lol. I'm on a fixed income, so can only afford so much.
  2. How much for just 1 set earliest set you have
  3. I'm only able to get 1 set like every other month or so due to income. Hurt my back loading big rigs back in 2010. So I get what I can when I can. Going to college though for 2 separate majors. 1 I can sit my butt down in a seat. The other I would have to drive. Working on them though. Want as many as I can get lol.
  4. Forgot to mention, in original box.
  5. Working on getting a proof set from each decade. Then going to worry about individual years.
  6. Have a 1972 s proof set on it's way. Looking forward to getting it.
  7. Good for you. Get off my post. Make yourself useful and find a bridge to jump off of.
  8. Kurt, why so negative? So I asked a question that I couldn't find an answer to. Just out of curiosity, did you know everything after a few months of collecting? I can bet not. So please dont get on my posts unless you can actually contribute.
  9. Wasn't sure if this was worth posting or not. What is up with his ear? Looked at several other 2005d pennies and this is the only 1 that looks like this.
  10. I wasn't sure. If in doubt, ask right?
  11. What's the difference between type 1 and 2? Yes that spot is actually there unfortunately.
  12. Would you consider this a dcam? Looking at it, I dont think so. I may be wrong though.
  13. I appreciate you looking. I couldn't see them. Glad your eyes are better than mine
  14. Is or does the 81 proof penny supposed to have designer initials on front? I cant seem to find any info on it.
  15. My opinion only; have those checked by a reputable source. Please make sure they are reputable; I lost a triple die due to a non reputable dealer who wanted to make a buck. Get them checked. Also,, do some research to see if anything like that was made that year.
  16. Just my opinion, and I have a lot to learn. Looks like it's been srtuck by another coin. The second looks like it could be cud but not sure. Others may have better answers for you
  17. In his defense; no the rudeness shouldn't be there. However, he is knowledgeable, just needs to put a different "spin" on his words. He and I havent seen eye to eye on so things, but his knowledge is helpful when he is able to say it the right way
  18. I wasn't going to post this, then something caught my eye. On reverse where , E.P.U. is. The mark doesnt touch the letters except the "E and P". Now this penny is highly damaged, but can anyone explain to me how that could happen?
  19. No set atm. Finding what I can when I can. Like I picked up a 74 ike dollar along with a few other coins
  20. Had to put second half on second post.
  21. Finally decided to buy one. Beautiful piece. Sure it isn't perfect, but still finally have one.
  22. Neat to have. Pretty cool to add it to collection.