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  1. I just figured overpolised is all. Giving it that look. They didnt make cameo then that I'm aware of due to war. So I went with best and most often find of overpolished.
  2. It most definitely is steel also. Even on edges. Had to prove to myself as well it was more steel than zinc. Even the smallest magnet I felt a small pull. Larger magnet it just hung from the side.
  3. I do know it is just over polished,but wanted to share it anyway. I think it is a beautiful coin. What do you think?
  4. I cant seem to find anything about this, can you help please? S touching, or very close to touching 5 in date.
  5. Or was 93 when they went to cam? I thought it was 92? Either way, between the 92 and 93 I posted, either one worth hanging on to
  6. There is some space there, but I wasnt sure which it qualified as.
  7. That was my thought as well, but wanted other opinions. Next question though, should I have it graded or just spend it with condition it's in?
  8. I posted the 92 instead of 93, my apologies. So, wam or cam on this 93d
  9. Would you consider this a wam or a cam
  10. Sure they are some of the best. You dont hold the coin in your hand; look at details by eye and by microscope. I appreciate your honesty. However, without seeing the coin yourself and how each part of the doubling is the same height. You are unable to see full potential of coin. Perhaps it is MD. Does that make it less doubled? Especially when all parts are equally as high as the counter? MD is still doubling. Do you disagre with that statement? If I send this coin to be graded and they say ddo and ddr, then what? Will you still disagree; or will you and others submit? If no ddo or ddr existe
  11. Same answer as above; only I wanted to show each angle. Wanted everyone to see what I was able to see. In such case multiple pics should be posted....sir. would you settle for just one if you found multiple errors? I suspect not.
  12. Do you not see how the double is the same height? Perhaps you need to see it personally. 1 press or 2 press; this is a double die. Not mechanical issues. Even if it were, that is a double. If it was an '82 you would call it doubling, correct? Because of 2 presses. I'm simply asking you to look closer and deeper than what you just may or may not glance at due to date. Same height, follows pattern of original letters or numbers. Very easy to see. Only look at pics before second date. Ty for observation sir.
  13. i did post 2 didnt I? I will straighten that out.
  14. Will no one even look at this, or all the pics I posted? Need more of a professional opinion PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. This cant be MD. Not with everything I have found. Full shouts of pennies obverse and reverse arent the clearest from my phone.
  16. I had another British coin I was looking at many coins at once.
  17. So are u saying it is a fake coin? I did post wrong coin! That was my mistake. I do apologize.
  18. Just wanted to show the date is all. So maybe it would be easier to know language. If it had been a '56 coin it might have been different. Correct?
  19. I wasn't on last night sorry for inconvenience. So this was when Brittan held, or had control over all the other "countries, or rather territories"?
  20. Does anyone know what language this is by chance?