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  1. I know the weight is supposed to be .77 oz. Mine is .79 oz. No mint mark. Not cleaned. Is that normal or do I have a fake on my hands?
  2. If you want to call that circulation
  3. Yes that is a 3 and not a 5 I can guarantee it
  4. 1938 d nickel. Not the greatest of shapes, but happy to have found it.
  5. Woman at grocery store was buying a soda with halfs and had a 68. Went ahead and bought it too. The quarter I got back as part of my change.
  6. Had to make a reply to put the rest on there. Beautiful coins. All denver coins except the quarter, it is from philly. Toning is getting very nice too. Especially on the quarter.
  7. Found all these tonight. I was actually shocked to find them all. Hopefully I can get them all on here.
  8. Still beautiful coins to add to collection.