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  1. I'm not going to argue about the copper being taken off by some sort of chemical. I thought it was unique and wanted to show it. That's why I post on here; for answers to questions I cant answer. Sometimes I do post things that I can eventually find an answer to. Most here have done this for years, and are still doing it. That's why I ask first then start digging myself.
  2. I was merely wanting to share weights. I knew the copper plating would take weight off, that's why I posted them; so there would be no confusion.
  3. Pic is too large, but weight of 85 is 2.45g.
  4. Weight of 85 and weight of 43 steel.
  5. Roll searching and found this.
  6. I dont mind doing leg work. I would however suggest if you post another site that it shows more than just 1 coin and errors on it. There are a lot of people on here that dont even have to look. They just know the facts and errors on a LOT of coins.
  7. A few different pennies all with discrepancies. Not even sure which is supposed to be right. I need help with these. All from 2009. MIssing fingers door open and one closed. I mean too many to count. Again need help
  8. My thoughts too, but want others to look as well.
  9. So you dont see the the fingers connected
  10. Found this in a bank box I bought. Thoughts please especially on right hand. Second pic is no button on sleeve. All I can upload.
  11. Double plancet, is that even possible?. Can see ridge with naked eye. Last pic from from from wrong nickel.