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  1. I have to agree with Morpheus...... Come up with a denomination-based breakdown of what you will be working with. At the same time "Maybe", depending on your understanding / research of coinage, Micro-manage the sortation within the denomination. If you look at it by dates you would be managing them into groups based on "Silver" or whatever metal content you would be working with. After that gets completed. Take the one that you feel would be the lease overwhelming. Best way to get discouraged is trying to jump into something "Too Much". As you work on the smaller batches you can twe
  2. As always thank you Tom. Just really trying to grasp specifics.
  3. Bob, Tom, Thank You both for your insight. Along the same Post I have the following 1936 Washington Quarter. More just curious what your view is on condition. Thank You, Again
  4. Collected coins as a kid, just as a hobby, really never thought about it until recently, from buying Investment grade coins. The bulk of what I have as a kid are: The Lincoln Pennies in the Blue tri-fold books. So, from that scenario comes my question. How do you determine If a coin or coins / collection should be graded? Majority are typical wear for year. Do I grade them? In hopes that the Grading as an overall exceeds the Expense of the grading. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.