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  1. Not understanding what you're saying. Are you asking if you need a membership to have coins graded?
  2. Thanks for the info on the penny bubble guys. I'd never seen one before but as you said greenstang they are pretty common.
  3. Au58 that's right. Thanks. It definitely looks like a bubble. It for sure looks like this but it is very small. I was able to find other pictures.
  4. So I try to look at a few coins everyday and i was looking at a 1986 penny and at the top right of the 8 there is a very small what looks like a welding bubble??? If that makes any sense. It does not appear to be scuff damage as the coin is in oh probably ms58. Any information would be great.
  5. I'm looking for a decent endoscope to examine coins, I just dont want to break the bank. Any suggestions?
  6. For example, 2004 keelboat nickel in 2005 ms70 was valued at $200 now its $30. Will it gain its value back over time? What are the factors that decide this??
  7. I'm pretty sure you have to designate what you want NGC to verify. Of course that was over 10 years ago so that may have changed
  8. So I checked the NGC registry and that is definitely interesting. However, ngc does not verify that the coin is sintered. It definitely looks like it is. I appreciate your posting
  9. Nice! I agree with Dukemnm. Happy Days when good grades come back.
  10. Sometimes you can have a dealer submit a coin for you. I have purchased coins online that were not graded and asked the dealer if they would send it for grading. They will usually charge a fee for the service. In my opinion though. Pay to be a member and submit it yourself as you will get more benefits that way. If you need help with it you can always reach out to others here. Happy hunting.
  11. I am no professional at being able to tell but I would think that it has been.
  12. Hello all, I am curious about a nickel I found at a gas station I worked at in 2004. I sent it in to NGC for grading and it came back ms65 improperly annealed planchet. Now after many many years and lots of reading I understand what an improperly annealed planchet is and how it came to be the error that it is. I have become fascinated with "black beautys" as they are called. But one thing that I have never come across is another 2004 D keelboat nickel as ALL of the specimens that I can find are minted in Philadelphia. So I am curious as to know if I can find out how many of these nickels are known and the value of it? Surely mine cant be the ONLY one but it would certainly be pretty cool with me if it is. Any information would be appreciated.