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  1. Hi everybody, what do you guys think the grade of this half dollar would be?
  2. Does it have any more value over a regular 42 o? Or is it pretty much the same? Thats great to hear, ive got burned on other holders before. Thanks for the reply.
  3. I recently bought this and was wondering if anybody had some information on this coin. I googled it and couldnt find much about the small "o" mintmark. Also is icg a reputable company?
  4. How much does the hole in this coin affect the condition and value of it?
  5. 1982 is when they switched from 95% copper planchets to zinc planchets with a copper coating. The copper planchets weigh 3.10 grams and the zinc planchets weigh 2.5 grams
  6. I know this isnt exactly a coin but does anybody have any information on this?
  7. Im not really that good at grading morgan dollars, but could somebody give me an idea of what this would grade out at?
  8. Yeah I wasnt really sure where to post it but thank you for the feedback.
  9. I took a chance on this at an auction, I was just wondering what kind of error this is and what the value of it would be.
  10. Yeah I got it a couple years ago on my 14th birthday along with mostly barber dimes and quarters in a box my great aunt gave me. Im only missing the 1895 p for my morgan collection now.
  11. Thank you guys for the input, I really appreciate it. I didnt think it was fake but im not really an expert on morgans. As far as the cleaning goes I cant complain too much being I got it for free.
  12. Just wondering if somebody can tell me if this is authentic and what it would grade out at