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  1. Just had this graded, lets see if you guys are as good as last time. What do you think it was graded as ...
  2. Thanks for your input ... almost all had it dead right. It first came back as 65+ and I resubed it and it came back MS66. You guys are very good, thanks again for your input.
  3. It's just for fun, not worried if you're critical or being a coin jerk ... I'm new and said some stupid stuff to start, live and learn. J
  4. I just got the results from getting this 1890 Morgan graded ... wonder what the experts here say before I post it. thanks for your time and let's see who gets closest.
  5. Any input about condition or what you think this would grade at would be appreciated. I know only 6500 had been minted. Thanks for your time.
  6. Thanks to everyone for there help. S
  7. Thanks for your input ... what is your concern about the toning?
  8. What clues make you think it's been cleaned ... thanks again.
  9. Thanks for your input ... I'll try to be more patient. Thanks for your time.
  10. Just asking for some help grading this 889-CC Morgan Dollar if that isn't asking to much. Thanks Sue
  11. I'm thinking about buying this 1899-CC Morgan any input on grade or value would be much appreciated. Thanks for your time in advance. Sue
  12. Thanks in advance on any input on how you would grade this 1842 Seated Dollar.
  13. 1932-D Washington Silver Quarter - How would u Grade the unique looking quarter? Thanks again your help.
  14. Could I please get you input on this 1855 ARROWS Seated Liberty Silver Half Dollar, thanks for your time