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    Changing Our Coinage

    As a long time coin collector (1960’s), I’ve seen a lot of gimmicks from the mint trying to stimulate the coin market. When I first started the only mint issues were the proof and uncirculated sets. Today we are seeing so many different coins issued from the mint that the average collector rarely has the budget to keep up. One area that I feel could give a big push to the coin market and draw in new collectors would be to re-introduce the “classic coinage”. Every year the mint could showcase a coin from America’s history and replace one of the Presidents with a previous classic. Imagine ha

    The Beginning

    Today I am 63. My journey with coincollecting began in 1961, I was 6 1/2 (the half was very important!); I was living in San Diego, just having moved from Key West Florida. I had discovered a box of pennies that my parents kept for when they played Pinochle. As I looked through the box I saw pennies from the 20’s and 30’s. As I looked at the pennies more I noticed most of them didn’t have anything below the date, but some had D’s And S’s. I asked my mom what they meant, she wasn’t certain. A few weeks later I was in Woolworths and there was a section that sold coins. I had one of the pen

    Stepping Up Again

    I realize this thread got hijacked, but my wife also does not understand my happy dance when I secure a long sought after coin.