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  1. Hello Christopher! I called NGC and they explained that sometimes a collector wants to name their slabbed coins, for instance "Audrey's Collection". Unless you want a name on the label, you just leave it blank.
  2. Haha I read the comment as hinting that people question the credibility of the graders when their coin comes back lower than they had hoped.
  3. Thank you again, everyone, That gives me a lot of helpful insight! I'm going to pick up that book and learn more about specific grades, and that will help when deciding estimated values when sending in future submissions. Comparing similar ngc graded coins from different auction sites hasn't been very helpful, as it seems like the conditions for a specific grade are pretty variable. I do appreciate all of your help!
  4. That is a fantastic idea. It would probably save me a lot of time scrolling through auction sites to educate myself on grading standards. This would actually be an awesome holiday gift idea for my husband, who is the actual collector, so thank you twice!
  5. Thank you everyone! I'll have to keep that in mind when deciding which of our coins are worth grading and which I should keep ungraded in the holders. I appreciate all of your helpful replies.
  6. Good morning, I wonder if anyone could offer some insight. I'm having a hard time figuring out why my Morgan dollars are coming back several grades lower than others I have seen (graded by NGC) in similar condition while I've been researching online. I submitted this 1884 CC a couple of weeks ago, and really confused about why it came back ms62 (I had estimated that the lowest it would possibly come back would be MS65). Would you, the coin community, be able to tell me why this would come back MS62? Any input would be greatly appreciated! Audrey
  7. Hello Bruce, thank you for your reply! Here is a picture of what I'm looking at. It looks as though we are to write something in the box under label name. I'm not sure if I'm just supposed to leave it blank.
  8. Hello all, I wonder if anyone could answer me a question about submitting coins. I am currently starting a new invoice to submit a couple of coins, and I chose the "Label name" option, rather than "Special Label". Next to the Label Name option, there is a blank text box. What are we supposed to enter in that box? Thank you for any help you may provide!