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  1. Hello, and thanks! I cannot seem to find a reference for this coin, It looks like the 1885 but NGC does not seem to list this year. Any thoughts or help would be great!
  2. Hello, I came across this coin with an odd mark. I have seen other coins referenced on the web as having water or tear errors from the mint. But I am not sure if there is a way to truly tell or if it is an error that is meaningful to collector's. Any thoughts would be appreciated! The coin is a 1987 Canadian silver dollar. The magnification is 40X Thanks
  3. Thanks for the replies. I was guessing that NGC would ignore it or it does not matter. I just was not sure. I am still relatively new at this but NGC customer service is not very good. I had sent in several coins that all came out of the same book. 2 of the came back as " altered color" and three were not. When I called for an explanation of what that exactly means they told me it is up to the "whim" of the grader. I never found that to reassuring.
  4. Thanks for the reply Pics 1 & 2 are the NGC 1913, 3 and 4 a random 1937 I pulled. Chris
  5. Hello, Is this something Common that the NGC would Highlight as an error. I recently had a 1913 Buffalo Nickel graded, I did not notice at the time but upon inspection today It is 30-40 % off rotation. There is nothing about that on the rating. Is that supposed to be the case? Thanks
  6. Thanks, That is probably right, the dryer theory has merit, It weighs 4.776 grams, I will check the diameter with calipers later today
  7. This coin struck me as odd, Probably wear and tear? But I figured I would ask the experts. Thanks
  8. I am pretty sure this is fake, It is struck slightly off center. The edge lettering is also off center. However there are pretty clear numbers in the stars, It says 18 in one and 69 in the other. Would a fake have that? Any opinions? Thanks
  9. Thanks in advance, I have been pouring over image searches with no luck can anyone help?
  10. Thanks for the explanation, that does make some sense. Everyday is an adventure in coin collecting!
  11. Thanks for the info. So what you are saying is someone plated this after it was minted? Just curious why would that be done? to increase value with some kind of fake? I guess to fake it as silver seems like a lot of effort for not a big payoff,