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  1. Hello all! I'm new to this site and collecting. This penny is not in that great shape but curious if it is a RPM?
  2. I'm definitely not an expert by far, but it looks like a letter on the side. Anyone know? Only other thing I see different is the line down the column. Sorry about fuzzy pics.
  3. There are these lines on both sides. Wondering if they are types of die cracking?
  4. The whole face looks doubled but not sure. Also is this a cud that's on the lettering? Thank you again.
  5. Appreciate all your help. I have 2 different coins here. The first pic is one and the rest are another. Are these types of post mint damage?
  6. Thanks everyone for helping me out a bit I still am having a hard time with machine doubling and double die. I'm learning a lot though it's almost as tough as collecting marbles.
  7. I will be probably posting on eBay when I get all my pictures down loaded the right way. I have a lot of nice shots.
  8. My question is- is this a double die. Sorry my pictures are horrible. I've been having hard time with my microscope camera and uploading. Thanks for your help! Also is this 69 s a floating roof?
  9. Is this struck through greese type of coin ? Thanks for the help!
  10. just to share with fairly new at coin roll hunting. Didn't know what I was looking at when I opened the coin roll. Was really cool looking from the side view. I know not worth anything but a story. But I tell you I was excited!
  11. Thanks for all your help. What do you think about this one? The reverse also looks like it was made like that his but I am just learning.
  12. I believe it came in a roll of brand new looking Penny's