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  1. What are you considering an error? All I see is a ridge ring caused by Die Deterioration.
  2. There is no Mint Mark because it was made in Philadelphia. Hard to tell from that picture but that looks like Die Deterioration Doubling, not DDO
  3. See these on eBay occasionally. Someone gold plates a silver coin and thinks they can sell it at a premium. It is still worth the silver bullion, so it is still worth something.
  4. Greg, In response to your email, I have tried to put together a grass roots explanation of the difference between a Doubled Die and Die Deterioration without going into too much detail. I tried to find a photo that was similar to yours for comparison. (WDDO-002) As you probably know, a DD is produced somewhere during the hubbing process when there was a slight misalignment during the strikes. This is imbedded into the die and does not change throughout the run. As you can see in the photo, the DD shows a serif at the edges where the two strikes were slightly misaligned. On a DDD which as the name implies is caused by the dies wearing out, the flow of the metal runs over the edge of the worn die towards the rim causing what appears to be a doubling of the image but is not as sharp nor has any serifs. I'm sure someone could probably explain it better or have something to add but this will give you a general idea.
  5. I think what you are asking is if it is possible to have both DD and MD on the same coin, the answer is yes. Here is an example of the 1969 Doubled Die shown on the top photo with Machine Doubling shown on the bottom photo Pictures compliments of Ken Potter.
  6. Not a cud, looks more like a rim fin that has folded over.
  7. It's pronounced Doubled Die, which this coin is not. How can you only have been collecting six days when you have been a member for about 1 1/2 years?
  8. I agree with DDD. Notice how the "doubling" is flowing towards the rim on IN GOD and the LIB in LIBERTY. Also there is a Ridge Ring starting to form, all signs of DDD.
  9. Can't be RPM-018, the mm positioning is different. Maybe another new discovery by Karen?
  10. Looks like the inside of the S has broken off, similar to a Die Chip. Should not affect the value too much either way. It is not uncommon on Mint Marks.
  11. All I can see is a cent with wear and some damage. What in particular do you see?
  12. Welcome to the Forum Best to post a clear picture (facing up of course) of both sides of the coin and state what your question is. To avoid confusion, start a new post for each coin. Let's see what you inherited.
  13. Welcome to the Forum Why would you want to get it graded? it is worth 3-4 dollars and would cost over 50 dollars to have it graded. Do not get anything graded unless the coin is worth at least 150 dollars.
  14. Welcome to the Forum It looks to me like the copper plating has been removed. Maybe somebody doing a science experiment.
  15. Why not use the NGC paper money forum? It's called PMG ( Paper Money Guaranty) and can be found at the bottom of the main page. Just click on the green letters and follow the same as you would for coins.
  16. Welcome the forum. Not an error it is PMD and intentionally done. It certainly didn't happen during the striking of the coin. Spend it.
  17. Welcome to the Forum- That looks like someone has tried to fill in a hold on the coin. It is damage, not an error. It has devaluated the Indian Head.
  18. Looks like a combination of a plating bubble and zinc rot. Spend it while you can.
  19. Correct on both. I have also asked that this post be moved to the proper Forum. No harm done, it's just that this Forum is for selling/ buying coins.
  20. Only the Ike's with the S mm have 40% silver. You didn't state what the mm on yours is. If you want to keep posting pictures, that is fine but remember only a small percentage of coins are worth submitting. As I stated earlier, unless it is worth at least $150.00, then it is not worth it.
  21. As Just Bob stated, not worth getting graded. In that condition it is only worth buck or two so not worth spending $50-$60 getting it graded. FYI, unless a coin is worth at least $150.00, you would lose money getting it graded.