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  1. Never heard of coin virus but I do know that coins can tone after being encapsulated. I have a silver coin that started off with a nice gold tone that is now almost black so if there is any sign of toning on the coin when graded it can continue to tone in the holder. This is something no TPG can control and has nothing to do with "some thing inside the graded sealed case".
  2. I'm leaning towards it being a scratch as opposed to a crack. That is not the location you would normally find a crack and also there would be more than just this one out there. I'm sure that someone else would have noticed it by now and questioned it.
  3. Yes it is. Eventually the bubbles will expand and break exposing the zinc core then corrosion will set in.
  4. Much better photos. Easy to see that it is environmental damage, not missing the clad.
  5. InIs the mark raised or incuse? If it is incuse then it is a scratch.
  6. Welcome to the Forum Looks to me like it is just a stain. PS- When posting, please crop and show both sides of the coin.
  7. You have partially described what a Rim Fin or Finning as some call it. It is a thin flange of the metal that extends over the edge of the coin usually caused by excessive striking pressure which causes the metal to squeeze out of the thin gap between the die neck and the collar. Once these have been put into circulation, the fin gets folded over the rim. Not much value once they have been folded over but if you can find one that isn't folded, then you would have one with some value. Nice photos showing where it is folded over.
  8. Good one. You almost had me believing that we had another newbie with his made up coin description until I saw your name and amount of posts. It does look like it could have come out of a fire though.
  9. Welcome to the Forum- 1922 is not what is considered really old in the world of coins. If you want someone to evaluate it, you are going to have to show us a clear picture of both sides but from your description it sounds like it is not worth much over bullion.
  10. Welcome to the Forum- We see many like this on the Forum. The dealer was right, it is just environmental damage, possibly from being buried. It certainly didn't leave the mint looking like that. The reason he didn't look at it very long is that anyone knowledgeable with coins would be able to spot the problem immediately.
  11. Those experimental rinses that Mike Byers show are blank planchets, how come yours has Eisenhower on it?
  12. Not a capped die and not a clipped planchet but I do wonder where you get these imaginative descriptions from on some of the coins you post.
  13. IWelcome to the Forum- The only ones that I would send of to be graded would be the three gold coins. Unless a coin is worth over $150.00, it is not worth having graded. The two $5.00 contain 8.24 grams of gold and the $10.00 contains16.9 grams so there is over an ounce of gold in them. The Morgan's each contain 26.73 grams of silver so they are worth at least that in bullion. To see if they would have any numismatic value, a clear cropped photo of both sides would be required as condition and the mint mark are important to the actual value. The Eisenhower dollars are 40% silver so there is bullion value to them. Taking them to a coin dealer would be the quickest way of selling them but you would only get about 50% of the value as they have to make a profit also. I'm sure others will reply with their own ideas but this will give you a starting point.
  14. Nice find for just starting into dimes. A 68 reverse with a 70 obverse. Your pictures show the detail well.
  15. Pretty well worn and scratched. You might get a couple of dollars for it on eBay.
  16. There are several factors including a genuine coin is sold silver, not "silver and something else" but the easiest way to tell is that it is stamped with an R which stands for Replica.
  17. Welcome to the Forum- Not even a good replica. I think that this coin has been posted about 100 times and no one has come up with a genuine one yet. They have all been fakes.
  18. That is the Obverse of the Euro that shows on all coins in the European Nation, it has nothing to do with Austria. The reverse designates the country of issue, in this case it is Ireland.
  19. Melissa, please start a new thread for each coin. It gets confusing when there are more than 1 coin on a thread plus the fact that no one knows it is here unless they scroll down the to the end of the posting. To get back to your question, that is a WAM
  20. Welcome to the Forum- Please include clear full pictures when you are asking a question. A poor man's DD is die deterioration on the date and you don't show that. What I see from what you show is just circulation damage.
  21. As per your other post, nothing there worth the cost of grading. The dimes all look to be damaged so only worth face value.