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  1. How to reslab ANACS coin to NGC and how much does it cost. Thanks, Lew
  2. Looking forward to the new slots. Thank you Lew
  3. Can you make a slot for 2020 W Silver eagle Congratulations Set? thank you Lew
  4. Revenant Thank you for your answers and concern. I now have a better understanding and will adjust. Thanks again Lew
  5. All is equal and description is not asked. Why not rated with equal points?
  6. I have the same points as other people but I never tie or reach the same place, Please advise. Lew
  7. NGC graded coins were more expensive now cheaper pcgc coins rate the same as NGC. What a rip off!
  8. Some coins in the same sets are used twice(Proof and Reverse Proof).
  9. Thank you sooo much. I missed it on the web site. Lew
  10. There is a slot for it in registry and so far no information on it.
  11. Are there any P and D MS70