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  1. The coin you linked me is slightly different no neck thing and no lions May have to create a page on this myself since this variety seems to not be cataloged anywhere easy to acess on the internet maybe a variety that was never released to the public?
  2. So I have been unable to find any info on this exact coin I know it's sigismund III but don't know denomination or km number. All help is appreciated
  3. I pick this up at the National money show today it seems similar to some other medals I Have seen but they were silver and this is either bronze or copper I was wondering if this is a restrike or and odd medal and if you could can you give me a price thanks.
  4. would a pf 2020 silver eagle be graded as a modern coin or not?
  5. Should have went to the BRNA show in Georgia
  6. So just got this at the Brna Dalton coin show and can't find the price or information on it help.
  7. Hey did I get a good price on these coins?
  8. There is a small raised mark but that's the most I can zoom in with it being crisp.