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  1. I agree a better scale and a closer examination is need. I am not attempting to get anyone to "buy" anything. I am simply not ruling out any possibility that may exist. I would expect any person of authority and/or grading firm to hold true to the allowable variance of the coin at the time it was made. If it falls out of the allowable range it should not matter how much. I did just weigh a number of nickels with huge gouges of coin missing and a few very worn ones and the lowest weight was 4.9. Not to compare or think it is the same, I just read an article about finding of 1949 nickel of 4.9 gram which was minted on a quarter . So I am keeping an open mind until ruled out totally. In the past I was taught ad had a knack for recognizing coins that were over other coins or had errors over looked by others for my uncle. Not all came to be actual, but he sent a number of them off and came back good and graded. Some of which payed for my college education with no money out of our pockets. Since his passing I have no one to show to or to help identify what I am seeing while I go through 10 one gallon milk jugs of change accrued since his pasing. So i turn to you guys for answers or any info as long as open to possibilities as I have seen first hand how self proclaimed experts (not saying any of you are) over look or dismiss a coin as absolute normal but then being g recognize by another and being sold for around 10,000 to pay for my first year of college. Who k owns maybe we will get to see something pretty cool in the near future together.
  2. Thank you. That was one of my thoughts s well; however, I weigh almost every coin that I come across. I have seen ones with much more wear that do not have such a difference. Keeping what you said in mind. Is there a way to prove or disprove that theory as my other thought is a wrong planchet. Which I also would like way to prove or disprove. I know at this time date the US mint was basically known as the world's mint as it minted coins for many countries and wrong planchet errors did occur.
  3. If I understand correctly; it should weigh 5 grams with a tolerance of 1% over or under. Is this a common occurence for this to weigh 4.7grams. Mint error? Any knowledgeable and helpful info on this is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Thank you. Short of sending it in, what can be done or what characteristics can be looked for to tell if it is indeed a copy?
  5. I found this in my collection. I do no have any info on it and would appreciate any helpful knowledgeable details .
  6. P.S. there is an E and an S on both sides of the R respectively
  7. Hello sir. Pretty neat penny you have there. Did you notice the other lettering underneath "IGWT"? Your letter o is part of the word "of" which is part of United States of America. Have a nice day.
  8. @DWLange I do not wish to insult your experience and knowledge, I can only hope that someday I am as knowledgeable about our American Mint and it's coinage . But I cannot help but ask these questions. ....... if the quarter was damaged in a coin Roller and this is how the stems of the 9's were (for lack of a better word) "cut off", does it not Male sense that there would be some sort of markings from that around that area. Also, would'nt the number 1 and 4 be damaged in that lower area also? The area of the 9 on that downward stroke looks smooth where it ends abruptly. I also do not see the telltale scratches on the coin we normally see from rollers. Thank you I am just asking these questions to further grow my knowledge and understanding of error coins
  9. Can you take a close up pic of "IN GOD WE TRUST: please and thank you.
  10. Hello everyone. I know the coin is in rough shape, but is it a doubled die? Am I correct by saying it is a large date?
  11. Thank you for your reply, I really appreciate it. If you could take a moment to look at the highlighted areas. At the top in the circle it just seems to strongly resemble a bow that is traditionally at the bottom of a coin joining a wreath of flowers or leaves. Also, the other two areas resemble a rose head and the other a olive branch or just some kind of leaves. And the same on the left side. It just seems being mangled would not do that. Absolutly I could be wrong but I always like to be very thorough. Thanks again for your time.
  12. The penny was in roll with brand new 2019 Ds that had yet to be opened and citculated. Here is a better pic. The wreath is what catches my eye. If you look closely at the penny it resembles a wreath.
  13. The penny was in roll with brand new 2019 Ds that had yet to be opened and citculated. Here is a better pic.