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  1. Hello All ! I have a question that I hope that I can receive some guidance on. I am looking to purchase a slabbed VAM/Variety Morgan Dollar but, unlike "standard" or "non VAM/Variety" graded Morgans (which I can either look up on greysheet or on the PCGS or NGC websites price guides for a rough estimate of what I should be expecting to pay for such a coin), I'm flying blind on what is a reasonable price I should pay for this Morgan Silver Dollar VAM. Where would you recommend me going (on the internet preferably) to find out what is reasonable/ballpark for what I should be paying for this particular VAM on this Morgan? The seller is asking for much more than the typical year/mintmark for this Morgan. Thank you, in advance, for your help !

  2. On 8/11/2016 at 11:19 AM, Ali E. said:


    Please list the NGC Registry set category name and what slot name you would like added here! Thank you.

    Under United States, Multi-Denominational,  Walking Liberty Design Set (Half Dollars & Silver Eagles,) 1916-Date, Circulation Issue/Mint State, can you add a slot for the 2020 W Burnished American Silver Eagle? Thank You !

  3. Hi Ali,

    I'm not sure that you answered my question. It's probably my fault. Let me try again.

    1) My goal was to start a new "Custom Set" in the Registry referencing the instructions on the website ( reference "For collectors who assemble sets in their own unique ways, custom sets are ideal. Custom sets let you define the theme and choose which coins are eligible. NGC and PCGS-certified coins as well as raw coins are eligible for NGC Registry custom sets." and "....some collectors choose to assemble sets in unique ways, as personal expressions of what they find fascinating about collecting. Custom Sets allow collectors to post sets of any type."

    2) With that goal in mind, I created (on February 15, 2020) a Custom Set entitled "Rarity versus Scarcity? What is the difference, if any? Fine Examples of Rare and Scarce Coins" and wrote my collecting goals for this custom set.

    3) I just found this set created on February 15, 2020, but am now unaware as to how to add NGC coins (already scanned and added to my competitive coins) and PCGS coins (awaiting approval) and Transfer images of these coins to this newly created custom set. 

    4) Can you advise me how to go about this?

    Thank You

  4. Hello,

    In Mid February 2020, I started a custom set by giving it a title and starting/finishing an introduction to this custom set with the goal being to add coins to the set at a later date. Now that I am ready to add a coin to this already created set and have scanned that coin using my iPhone, and trying to add that coin to this custom set, I cannot find that custom set created back in February in which to add that coin. Can you advise me as to how to find that set so I may add this coin? I gave a lot of thought to that introduction and hope that I do not have to start over. Thank you, in advance, for your help.

  5. Question for the group (All opinions welcomed)

    I have the opportunity to purchase a rare 1893-O Morgan in either AU50 or AU53. The AU53 Morgan has slightly better eye appeal (in that it is more "white". However, under 7x magnification is extensively bagmarked. The bagmarking is hard to appreciate without magnification) but is slightly more expensive than the AU50 (by about $55). The AU50 is CAC-stickered but, in my opinion, the eye appeal isn’t as nice.In your opinions, which is the better choice to buy? Does a CAC sticker add that much value if/when I decide to sell?

    Thank you in advance for your opinions


  6. Hello,

    i have a special request. I want to feature my 1941 No "AW" Walking Liberty Half Dollar so that the registry judges and NGC members can look at it and compare it to the 1941 Mint State Walking Liberty since the "No AW" version is a noted variation that is interesting ( it doesn't have the AW monogram). Currently the coin is marked as private since there is no slot available in the current competitive sets. Can you suggest how to do this? Can perhaps a new competitive set be added entitled "1941 Proof Set" so I can reference it in my currently competitive sets? Is it possible to add this set prior to December when the competition closes? It really is a cool coin. Thank you in advance for your help. 

    Jarrod (username "Master of Coinage"