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  1. Great thread with some great coins. Rollo- was wondering if the Bay Bridge has been graded? Thanks...
  2. Have always loved the prooflike commems. You have some really nice ones...I got detoured by them when I was putting together my 50 piece type set!
  3. Looks much nicer than a 62. Colorful original toning...
  4. "There is also a lot energy going out of the U.S. coin market because of CAC. A number of veteran collectors, like me, are very unhappy with the pressure from certain segments that say, "only PCGS graded, CAC approved coins are good. Everything else is dreck or second class." It's discouraging when one person has veto power over much of the U.S. coin market."-------Not sure how CAC is taking a lot of energy out of the US coin market because some collectors are not happy with what others think of their non PCGS/CAC coins. Only discouraging to you when they don't CAC......
  5. Seller must determine it's a presentation piece and priced it accordingly. Being it's not on holder, I doubt it is, unless I am missing something also?
  6. Great post, Thanks. I really enjoyed the picture of the old belfry. Lexington has always been one of my favorites. I like them with strong luster with color, which is what yours looks like.
  7. Also, it was not listed with my ebay bucks purchases. It goes into directly into paypal account, about when ebay bucks are awarded.
  8. I posted after offer came out. Then there was an ending date for offer.
  9. I have gotten the Ebay Bucks for selling. It was 8% at the time and had no problem.
  10. Not sure about the black light, but I looked at the 1887 when it was for sale. To me, I didn't think it would look as nice in hand and would not of paid close to selling price.....
  11. I remember back in the early 80's when Jim Iacovo and Ray Mercer were putting their commem book together. It took a while to all come together......
  12. Great place to buy, sell and look. Everything fast and easy....
  13. This is from a Heritage auction last month. "A total of 50 presentation pieces (now certified as Specimen strikings by PCGS and NGC) were struck on polished blanks from polished working dies and distributed to members of the Coinage Committee, the Westchester County Coin Club, and local dignitaries. The Specimen coins are rarely offered today and examples are highly prized by commemorative collectors."