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  1. I pulled it out and looked at it closely, it doesn't look like rub on the cheek, just toning that shows more due to lighting angles. If it is album rub from long ago, it isn't as much as is on this PCGS MS66RB. And it sure doesn't have a huge scratch on the reverse like this one.
  2. Ebay seller foxcoins continues to list counterfeits. They describe them as such but without COPY on thee coin, they are illegal. The buyer of these may not disclose that they are counterfeit.
  3. What does the reverse look like, could that have prevented it? I sent in some stuff to the other guys and at least 3/20 were under. The biggest issue IMO is the inconsistency. If they are tightening the standards back to what they were 20 yrs ago which seems to be the case, then some coins from 5 yrs ago are valued at multiples of a better coin because the better coin was graded in 2019 or 1999. Buy the coin, not the holder, right? Isn't the holder supposed to be so that those who aren't good at grading can rely on the experts? This is a $12,000 coin based on TPG This is
  4. Ebay seller 1516mn27_0 https://www.ebay.com/sch/1516mn27_0/m.html?item=223503456833&hash=item3409d81a41%3Ag%3ADYAAAOSwu0NczKwi&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Ebay has known about this for 3 months They have over $4500 in sales of FAKE coins in just the past 60 days. Ebay does nothing about this user except take their cut $$$$
  5. Ebay seller elielizquin https://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_sop=10&_ipg=200&LH_PrefLoc=2&_ssn=elielizquin#itemTitle AKA enriqubri-0 https://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_nkw=&_sop=10&_ipg=200&LH_PrefLoc=2&_ssn=enriqubri-0#itemTitle Ebay has known since 4/28/2017 that this is a seller of counterfeits. It has been over 2 years that they let this continue. Ebay's inaction is CRIMINAL!
  6. Ebay seller racata_0 sold 2 fake 1909SVDB cents last month, trying for a third now.
  7. At least this seller (foxcoins) admits he is selling fakes. It is very likely the buyer will re-list them and scam someone. The 6 counterfeits should be gone on 5/5/19.
  8. Was it shipped to a different address than that of the user's paypal and Ebay has listed? In other words, was the address changed on the hacked account? Does anyone know if Ebay can press charges based on the address the coin was sent to? I sure hope they press the issue and catch the crook.
  9. Bob, could you please PM me? I can get counterfeits removed but there are procedures that I have to follow. I won't be able to post here if it interferes with procedure. I can explain more in PM. Thank You, Ed
  10. Ebay seller mjbruns has 17 counterfeits listed. Claims: "I THINK THIS IS A COPY BUT THEY ARE NOT MARKED AS SO. I HAVE MORE THAN ONE SO YOU MIGHT NOT GET THE ONE PICTURED BUT IT WILL BE OF SAME QUALITY. " Anyone that has multiples of 17 different coins knows very well that they are counterfeit.
  11. I wasn't going to because I am not sure they are knowingly selling counterfeits. Since that one sold before it could be removed I will disclose their seller ID. It is racata_0
  12. Die cracks on the reverse make a good die marker for these counterfeits. R of PLURIBUS to the O of ONE U of PLURIBUS to the N of one to N of CENT N of UNUM to the E of ONE
  13. That is gorgeous!!! I bought my first medals in Pittsburgh at the ANA. I like that medals are way rarer than a coin from the same period, yet many are still somewhat affordable in high grades. I have started collecting what I like instead of what everyone else places value on. I'm sure that piece is going to make the new owner very happy.
  14. I am NOT saying your coin is a replica. I can not tell from those pictures. I do recommend looking at all the counterfeits available to get an idea of what they look like. 1885 Morgan for $1.20 available here
  15. I think the best grade the half dollar could possibly get is MS65, that would make it worth $30 but I don't think you could find a buyer at that price. The cent looks like it has toning, something may have gotten on it or it could be from the end of a roll. I'm not very good at Morgans and it is hard to tell from the photo but I think I see raised dots below the S in STATES above the F of OF and below the D of DOLLAR.
  16. I am sorry for your loss. As far as the coins go, joining this forum is a big step. There are many experienced people here willing to share their knowledge, that is the key to this sport/ If you aren't sure about a coin, It's grade or potential variety, just ask. Don't forget good pictures! There are many more valuable varieties then there were 20+ years ago when many of these collections were assembled. Learn about doubled dies, re-punched mint marks. Get a general idea how to grade. I would start with the proof and mint sets. They are easy to check for errors, take up a lot
  17. Not to bash the other major grading company in any way, but I sent 23 one cent coins to them in January. 2 were under-graded by at least a point (consensus among several dealers, and online opinions using very high quality images) 2 others were were slabbed red-brown even though they were 95%+ red IMHO, and definitely less toned than several same dated MS-RD that they graded as such. This I based on their image gallery. One 1943 they graded as a MS66 even though it had to be "worked" before being sent in due to damage (zinc delamination) from the Whitman. You can see the "environmental dama
  18. There are a lot of counterfeit Lincoln Wheat Cents that have a chip in the die half way up the right side of the left wheat stalk. I have seen it on many dates, many are not even semi-keys just common dates. I have a 1911-D that I show around and more than one knowledgeable dealer didn't catch it as a fake. Some say that I shouldn't post these "tells" online because it could alert the forgers of what to correct so as to make the fakes less identifiable. I believe that sharing information is vital to combating counterfeits. Reputable TPG services such as NGC are very important f
  19. Edthelorax

    NGC TOO?

    If you can't beat em' join em'???
  20. I know that the 2 US commemorative halves and the 1916-D and 1921 dime are counterfeit. There are also 64 other foreign and ancient coins that I am pretty sure are also fake. If someone would like to reply with the images of them it would be good to document some of them for future reference. Many of them will be removed early morning March 20,2019. If this forum has an issue with that, they can be posted on my website if someone wants to take the time to do it. I do not have the time today. https://www.ebay.com/sch/constanti_2084/m.html?item=312522542015&rt=nc&_
  21. NGC is having a special that ends tomorrow. This would be a good idea if you are planning on getting any graded. Save almost 50% on associate membership. Dear NGC Member, You’ve worked hard to build your collection — and now NGC wants to help you make it the best it can be. Upgrade your membership and you can gain direct access to our grading services, insider tips, educational resources, discounts and special promotions. Membership levels include: • Associate membership ($25 per year) — direct submission privileges to NGC, NCS, PMG, CG
  22. I have to agree with you @Mohawk. Jeff, there are other platforms that have similar listing abilities, I would highly recommend moving to another. Ebay, https://collectivecoin.com/, here on NGC marketplace are a few options. It looks to me like you have appropriate pricing, some nice coins and a good attitude. That is what it takes to sell what you don't want to keep.
  23. Jeff, To be perfectly honest, i will never buy anything listed on Etsy. They have no regard for counterfeits what so ever. I do not intend to be rude, disrespectful, or unappreciative of the offer in any way. I only tell you this because I know I am not the only one that feels this way. I believe my honest opinion is better than saying something that would make someone feel good if it isn't true. Please excuse my candor and believe me when I say that I only want to help. Ed